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  1. Tommi
    Hi All, Been into bikes for over 40 years, mainly Italian, just purchased a 1983 VF740F. She's a bit rough but all there. Tommi
  2. Tommi
    Hi All, Been into bikes for over 40 years, mainly Italian, just purchased a 1983 VF740F. She's a bit rough but all there. Tommi.
  3. M_Gunnar
    M_Gunnar gingerwinger
    Hi, have the same problem.Have you found out what was wrong? i have a vfr 800 2010 model
  4. cbx1260cc
    cbx1260cc gorillasnacks
    You have the EXACT two bikes I've narrowed my choices down to.

    Is it CORRECT TO SAY you like the NEW Red bike MORE than your Yellow bike??

    That's INTERESTING. I LOVE the YELLOW but of course the Red is Classic as well.

    Please elaborate on the pluses and minuses of both in more detail to me privately of you wouldn't mind.

    Regards with thanks

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    2. gorillasnacks
      I sent you an email, I hope I did a good job trying to explain. Lol
      Let me know if I was helpful, I'm always happy to talk about these bikes!
      Jun 17, 2018 at 7:45 PM
  5. cbx1260cc
    cbx1260cc radicaledward
    I'm interested. send me some pix.
  6. 2wheelrush
    2wheelrush Rospa16
    Hey Rospa16. My number is 920-367-3473 text me tomorrow at the races we can meet up.
  7. NorcalBoy
    NorcalBoy Thumbs
    Hey Thumbs. I just would like to offer you an apology for messing around with Yourself and Mr. McGuiness. I think you're a good cat, with good insight on what's really going on in roadracing. You make a great contribution to the dialogue in the racing thread. I hope you will accept. My intention wasn't to pick a fight.
  8. Jacob13
    Jacob13 faran
    Hi faran, I'll take $2000 for the bike but only for a VFRworld member. Good luck with your restoration.

  9. Rospa16
    Hello from kiel wisconsin
  10. 98VBR800
    98 vfr 800 interceptor
  11. Goncalo
    Best bike in the World
  12. tinkerinWstuff
    tinkerinWstuff MotoMax
    Nice looking VFR! Maybe see you around town some time. I'm in Fort Collins as well.
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  13. S.S.Swngrm4Lf
    I need more likes on here fockers
  14. S.S.Swngrm4Lf
    S.S.Swngrm4Lf vfr800 Interceptor junky
    How much do you want$? My 98vfr has 7100 miles
    1. vfr800 Interceptor junky
      vfr800 Interceptor junky
      Do you live in Florida if not it's going to cost quite a bit to ship it out of state and even more so out of country my asking price is $1,500 or best offer
      May 13, 2018
  15. vVertigo
    Drone Head
  16. Frisco Kid
  17. Lint
  18. MotoMax
    Sometimes you just got to keep on livin. . . . L.I.V.I.N.
  19. cbx1260cc
    cbx1260cc squirrelman
    Would you be able to measure the pistons to determine if they are stock or an Overbore?
    Also are the valves stock sizes?
    Appreciate that you will keep me in mind if you decide to "relocate" the motor.

    Kind regards

  20. Easyian
    Live free and ride hard !!!