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  1. RC30FREAK
    RC30FREAK Unboundcc
    HI there , I was just putzing around looking for some engine rebuild threads when I saw your need for a starter . I think I might have one to offer you . I want $100 US for it . PM me if you still need one . I will give you my e-maill addy too for future reference . I have tons of parts available fro VF1000R .Cheers , Ron
  2. RC30FREAK
    RC30FREAK wpbarlow
    Hi Walter , we may have dealt with some RC30 parts in the past or VF1000R parts. I know in my stock I have a set of these pick-up coils available .. PM me and I will give you my actual e-mail address if you still need one . Thx. TTYL . Cheers , Ron
  3. Sport Touring
    Sport Touring
    I love my VFR
  4. squirrelman
    squirrelman James Bond
    Norcalboy is one of our finest, so don't try to insult him, please. Besides, i'm the most negative guy here, ME !
  5. Bubba Utah
    Bubba Utah 34468 Randy
    Hey Randy how did the scan go?
  6. Mpomarico
    Bike is on hiatus for the winter. Want to do some maintenance but unsure where to start.
  7. Xtacy B
    Xtacy B
    Nice to be here
  8. cbx1260cc
  9. Barrdall
    Barrdall TOE CUTTER
    Hello Sir, I am new here on this forum. I have heard that you might have a supercharger for gen5 for sale. Is this true?
  10. Bykemike
    Bykemike Mind_Surfer
    Hey Mindsurfer, I was trying to reply but something is screwing up my reply function.

    Anyway, that is a 2009 Buell XB1200R , Harley powered, fuel is in the boxy frame, dry sump oil is in the left side swing arm, belt drive, all torque, not for everyone but fun on steroids
  11. Nyceguy9mm
    2018 New Years Resolution.......RIDE MORE
  12. mwlehman
    once you have ruined your reputation, you can live quite freely
  13. 34468 Randy
  14. elkinsofdeath
    Own a 1987 Honda VFR700 Used to be absolutely mint until it caught on fire while I was riding it. Trying to get it back on the road!
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  15. ligurt
    indian/italian chief Red Nose
  16. kd4ysi
    kd4ysi Scubalong
    whats up scubalong
  17. Billtr96sn
    Hello one and all
  18. Klein
    Nothing to tell
  19. 34468 Randy
    34468 Randy Patrycja
    Hey Patrycja. Bruce sent me your way. Do you work at a dealership or similar. He says he thought you sell Dianese. I am looking for a new suit and that is my preference but I think to buy from the USA and pay the duties to get it to Canada might make it considerable more expensive.
  20. tomcatek
    In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice they are not.