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  1. Geocaching - Motorcycle style

    The wife and I hopped on the cruiser this afternoon and headed for Cheyenne, WY. We both get up there for work and once a year for Frontier Days but we've never spent an afternoon looking around for fun.

    Last night I checked the visitor center website and there was a link to Geochaching If you haven't heard of this yet, it's where you are given GPS coordinates and you run round finding treasures left behind by previous cachers. The ...
  2. Stuck in Rapid City SD for Christmas

    The wife and I loaded up in the truck on Christmas Eve and started heading for MN. We had originally planned on leaving early on Xmas Eve and driving straight thru but we realized the weather wasn't going to allow that to happen. Adjusted our plans and decided we'd head up from Colorado along the edge of Wyoming and spend the night in Rapid City South Dakota.

    Only when we got to Rapid City, we found that the snow storm didn't continue to move east. The dam thing stalled out over ...