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94VFR750 parting out?

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Have posted very rarely so hope this is done right.

Considering to get running, selling in current condition or parting out my 94vfr750 that I've owned for about ten years I think.

i am second owner; bought when it had less than ten thousand miles; it now has under thirty. It had electrical issues before but resolved with an OEM rectifier, but now it needs a stator and I plan on installing a MOSFET rectifier but that would be a few hundred dollars. Wondering if some one would be interested in current condition, but I believe I would make more money if I part it out. It has been sitting for a little over a year but plan on cleaning all electrical connections regardless. Some of the plastics are really good; others are ok but some scratches or cracks but not bad considering its a 94. Would love to get going again but would also not mind experiencing a 5th or 6th generation vfr.

Would like to hear peoples' thoughts.

I am in southern California, San Fernando Valley.


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