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    VFR 750-4TH GEN-Clutch problems

    Hey all, I've recently rebuilt my hydraulic master cylinder as the seals corroded and all action was lost at the lever.
    All was good after the system was bled through, till gradually I noticed more free-play appearing in the lever. After one particually spirited ride, all resistance had gone in the lever, leaving me pretty much without a clutch.
    Now I and a trusted mechanic checked the system for leaks, but the resevoir hasn't lost any fluid, and there was nothing leaking from around the cutch casing. So we tried another bleed through assuming it was air in the system. Again, this was fine for about another few hundred miles, then same again.

    Help guys, anyone else experienced this problem?

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    Sounds a bit like there is air getting into the system.
    How do things look around the clutch slave cylinder?

    I know the slave on my bike has been replaced once already.
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    I'll wager that you re-used the crush washers around the banjo bolt that should have been replaced in keeping with best practice.

    In fact, if anyone's been in there previously in the bike's history, you might have re-reused reused washers !!!

    And if that doesn't suffice, you'll need to replace seals in slave cylinder.
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    The stock Honda crush washers are chrome looking and you might thing that you can get away with re-using them. DONT...Its simple insurance to replace with new ones. I like the Honda ones and not the copper ones that get sold with various braided line kits.

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