Bike for Sale 1996 Honda VFR 750 (LIGHTWEIGHT!)/Greenville, SC

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    The first time I heard a VFR 750, I knew I had to have one. I had raced sportbikes 7 years before, but had not had a street bike. This time I wanted a dual purpose street and track bike....with a single sided swing arm and the sound of a V4. The VFR was heavy, but I decided to do my best to lighten it up. I also wanted to see if I put enough money into a bike, if it would force me to keep it forever. That experiment has failed. Life has played a cruel trick on me, and here I am ready to acknowledge once again that I make poor decisions. No one likes the ads that tell you how much has been invested, and if I put the number down, it would hurt much worse. If you search VFR 750 restoration, mine is the first video that comes up. You can also watch my video of the bike on track, as well as an explanation of why these bikes sound so cool.

    I rebuilt the bike completely except for the engine, which got a valve adjustment and professional carb rebuild, as well as jetting and dyno tuning at Twisted Technology in Texas. The owner is highly certified by Race Tech and he rebuilt and installed Race Tech in not only the front shocks, but the rear that is supposedly not rebuildable, but Race Tech has a kit that certified installers can put in, and mine was one of the last 3 kits in the country. I geared it way down and used an electronic speed converter to correct the signal. The battery is a super lightweight Shorai. The steering damper is Ohlins. Wow does this hurt to recall all of the parts I bought for it! I bought brand new bearings from Honda for every bearing on the bike, including the expensive needle bearings in the rear swing arm and hub. New sprockets and DID X-ring chain. I built a custom header and undertail Two Brothers muffler. I removed the center stand and rear foot rests. Getting 33 lbs out of a motorcycle is TOUGH. My favorite mod is the rear automotive wheel. It is a 17x7 car wheel with a 200 Dunlop rear tire. I have the original wheel as well with a sticky tire. The front tire is new too. Bike has only been ridden 1100 miles since the restoration.

    The bad parts:

    The bodywork is all imperfect. Laid down at speed on left side and at zero speed on right. The rear rotor was lightened, but in doing so it pulses real bad. I don’t use a rear brake, so it doesn’t bother me, but a different rotor would fix that. It is set up for a 160 lb rider.

    Asking $3350

    See pics on Craigslist:
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