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    This is very special bike in looks and function. If you are looking for a bike to get on and ride with nothing to worry about fixing...this is it. To begin, it's a 96 VFR750 with 17,000 miles, never layed down. Selling the bike to fund another project I have in the works.

    Here's specifics of the physical state of the bike:
    -New Barnett clutch and springs - Didn't need them but I replaced anyway
    -New EBC HH Brake pads front and rear
    -New Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires
    -New Carburetor floats, seals, and jets - Again,didn't need but I did anyway
    -New Grips
    -New oil change with Mobil 1 HP4R Synthetic
    -New coolant flush with Honda racing coolant
    -New Rick's Motorsports Regulator/Rectifier
    -Two Brothers Racing Mid-pipe and Muffler...This is the rare "High" mid-pipe which allows the muffler to be up higher showing off the unique single-sided HRC swing-arm.

    Now the cool custom stuff...
    *The whole motorcycle has been updated with 2007 CBR1000RR fairings and tail. This required custom fairing stays to be mfg'd and a custom subframe to be built. I fabricated the subframe "Ducati" style. The bike has a black set of fairings now but you could buy any Auctmarts kit you want and just bolt them on. I never got around to painting the tank (wasn't sure if I was going to order a set of Auctmart fairings that would need a red tank or not.
    *CBR600rr Speedometer - VFR750 dashboard was replaced with a speedometer (digital) from a CBR600RR. This required substantial wiring harness re-work and functions perfect. I also installed a "SpeedoHealer" so the readings would be very accurate.

    *The pictures show three things that are NOT included (I'll update pictures this evening):
    1. Helibars - Those have been sold. Bike has the OEM Handlbars
    2. Corbin Saddle - The bike will include a nice set of recovered OEM Saddles (Front and rear) as wella s the pictured Solo Seat cover.
    3. VFR Mirrors - These were replaced with the correct CBR1000rr mirrors and what are included...huge improvement

    $2500 OBO - Joby (Chesapeake, VA)

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