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    Selling some spare parts I have accumulated from restoring my 86 VFR 700.

    Yoshimura 4 into 1 exhaust $250.00 Very good shape, has some small scuffs and scratches, but most of them are hidden once it is installed.

    Good working CDI $75.00 Bought it used and guaranteed for $120 when I was going through the bike trying to diagnose why it wouldn't crank.

    Clutch Slave Cylinder $25.00 Not bad shape, but could probably use a rebuild or at least new seals. Better than spending $80+ on a new one like I mistakenly did.

    Starter Motor $50.00 Aftermarket and silver, but works as it should. Another part I replaced prematurely only to find out the original starter didn't need replaced. This starter was $100 and maybe started my bike a dozen times.

    Clutch Kit $75.00 Brand new, unopened, EBC clutch kit with springs. Bought it thinking I would need to replace the clutch, but the new clutch in my bike being installed wrong was ultimately what kept it from cranking.

    Heli Bars $50.00 Previous owner used them for awhile and didn't like them. He gave them to me with the bike and I will never use them.

    Full set of brake disk hardware $25.00 12 for the front, 6 for the rear. All in decent shape, and clean up really nice if you put them in a drill and spin them on some scotch brite. These all came with a spare set of wheels I bought.

    Front axle and speedo gear box $35.00 Spare pieces that came in the extra wheels I bought. Both look great and cleaned up really nice.

    If you're interested in any of this, message me. I'm open to offers and accept paypal, venmo, cash and cashiers checks. IMG_5373.JPG IMG_5374.JPG

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