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  1. Rubicon1
    Waiting on Spring to arrive to get the beast out
  2. Matt Brosnan
    Matt Brosnan
    Recovering from crashing the 750 on 23/1/20
  3. Ronsk
    If the bike isn’t braking properly, you don’t start by rebuilding the engine
  4. J.W.
    J.W. RossH
    Hi I am looking for a manual for an 8th Gen do you still have any ?
  5. barney1
    Shot up and ride. Ride like lightning Don't crash like thunde.
  6. JVM
    JVM GreginDenver
    Greg, I am admiring the thoroughness of your refurb posts, but I am unfortunately not seeing any of the photos that you have in the posts. Any way for those to still be available?
    1. GreginDenver
      Yeah, unfortunately I use Photobucket, they kinda suck. They claim that they recently had some sort of problem:

      Dear Photobucket Members,

      We apologize for the most recent site outage that continues to impact you. While our systems are coming back online, unfortunately, you are part of a small group of Members that are still affected and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.
      Jan 17, 2020
  7. daveroger
    daveroger bentleyss
    Located in McMinnville, Oregon
    1. bentleyss
      Thanks Dave. A little to far for me Togo. Very nice looking bike.
      Jan 16, 2020
  8. Dendeelca
    Dendeelca Nicad
    Hey Nicad, Dennis here in the Toronto area, just wondered where you are located?
  9. Dendeelca
    Dendeelca straycat
    hey Straycat, Dennis here in the Toronto area, wondered where you are located?
  10. AustinP
    AustinP arg0413
    I forgot to add my zip code for shipping estimate is 37129 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
    1. arg0413
      Austin PM sent, ill get these shipped out to you
      Jan 17, 2020
  11. AustinP
    AustinP arg0413
    Hey there. I can do 150 plus shipping on the Helibars. Let me know if PayPal friends and family method will work for payment and the PayPal address to send the funds to. I appreciate it, hoping to make the Viffer a little more comfortable for the upcoming riding season.
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  12. Brian Benson
    Brian Benson alan harwood
    Hi Alan.
    I am currently restoring a VFR750FL and would be interested in the exhaust and the 2 metal panels either side of the collector box (if the paint is still ok).
  13. OldSchoolInterceptor
    Just bought an 04’ VFR800f today!!
  14. Riding a 2000
    Riding a 2000 wiso
    AND: The parts came shipped all together, locked, With NO KEY! That's right, the seller was too lazy/cheap to get a key made and include it, so that in order to disassemble the tail the lock mechanism would have to be cut off/destroyed.

    My friend made discounted offer which was rebuffed. There was no agreement, so he returned the parts at his own expense.

    Welcome to VFRWORLD, you joined on my birthday!
  15. Riding a 2000
    Riding a 2000 wiso
    Be Aware: I have not shared this publicly, and do not want to do so, but there are issues with this item/seller.

    My best friend has a bike that could benefit from this exact setup. And he bought it, or tried to.
    But the seller does not mention that the paint is a half-assed rattle can job, over a juvenile attempt at refinishing.
  16. Steve Eh
    Steve Eh Irah Gold
    Nice photo of your viffer! Is it matte black?
  17. AustinP
    AustinP arg0413
    Hey there. If you still have your Helibar risers, could you tell me about the condition? I've been looking for a good used pair for a while. Jon in Tennessee
    1. arg0413
      Austin, I bought them used and they're in great condition, never installed them and now I'm selling my VFR. So just looking to recoup some money. I could do $150 plus shipping to you
      Jan 10, 2020
  18. windunderhawk
    windunderhawk comradeQuestion
    Yo Bud, where you at in Oregon.I am in bend.
  19. wiso
    wiso LannyL81
  20. Dave Yaroch
    Dave Yaroch
    Current bike 2013 VFR1200D. Black , heated grips, Puig smoke screen, Ram mount, Givi 3 bag system. GUELL tune. Akro slip on.