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  1. Meyermj
    ‘84 vf700f rebuilt carbs new tires ;)
  2. Paul Myers
    Paul Myers Jim McCulloch
    We have most of the part required to build this fan up again but lots of conseqential damage.
    need to identify the chicken and the egg. I'll get a look at the radial bearing today. I can't see it failing and allowing blade tip contact. I think it would overheat and seize before having enough radial play to fail blades.
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    2. Paul Myers
      Paul Myers
      We are going to install some instrumentation on another unit and run through start scenarios. We want to see if the fans run in the stall zone at any point. thinking failures might be accumulated fatigue damage from that. Theoretically they should not see it. Want to see how second fan starting interacts.
      Aug 6, 2020 at 3:29 PM
    3. Jim McCulloch
      Jim McCulloch
      Doesn't stall happen at low speeds? I was wondering if the RPM remains the same but the blade angle changes to vary the flow. Also, I assume you have vibration transmitters on there? Just asking, I am no expert.
      Aug 6, 2020 at 4:00 PM
    4. Paul Myers
      Paul Myers
      Yes constant Rpm. Blade pitch changes for fan pressure / flow. Stall can happen at any speed if angle of attack of the blade exceeds the ability for the air to stay attached to the upstream surface of the blade. But the area it is a risk for these fans is at the lower flow. Vibration transmitters not sensitive enough to show stall. We do have stall probes.
      Aug 7, 2020 at 12:18 AM
  3. Paul Myers
    Paul Myers Jim McCulloch
    So we had a 3500 HP boiler axial flow, variable pitch, Forced Draft Fan self destruct a couple of weeks ago.
    It happened once in the past. thought we had the appropriate checks in place but in hindsight it was not so.

    I know its not motorcycles but thought you would be interested. Had alot more detail but found 420 character limit?
    1. Jim McCulloch
      Jim McCulloch
      Holy Crap, you can't go to Walmart to find that either. It kind of sucks that Howden NA has bought up so many fan companies and they are so understaffed. I feel your pain.
      Aug 5, 2020 at 3:19 PM
    2. Jim McCulloch
      Jim McCulloch
      I used to work for Howden as a Rep. I got beat daily by power plants trying to get parts. It took us weeks to reply sometimes.
      Aug 5, 2020 at 3:20 PM
  4. DocVintage
    DocVintage Captain 80s
    Hello Capitan 80's. My name is Michel and I just sign up yesterday. Squirrelman told me you probably have an answer for me since you have a lot of experience with the VF. I am looking for the part number for the removable solo seat cowl for the VF100F. Also is that true it is the same as the VF750F? and lastly, do you need some kind of bracket to install the cowl? Thanks for your precious help. Best Regards. Michel
  5. Rosco
    1990 VFR750F
  6. VFR2fasr4u
  7. Lucky Mike
    Lucky Mike
    Looking for a VFR 1200 in Toronto
  8. Michael Cartwright
    Michael Cartwright
    Dirt bikes,UJM,Cruisers,Tour bikes and now Viffers! WOOT!!
  9. Michael Cartwright
    Michael Cartwright
    Dirt bikes,Cruisers,Tour bikes and now Viffers!! WOOT!!
  10. AlwaysLearning
    Getting an old '86 CF500F back into fighting condition
  11. AlwaysLearning
    AlwaysLearning squirrelman
    Hello! recently purchased a 86 interceptor 500 and looking to get carbs rebuilt by expert and my reading suggests you are the man. I collect/rebuild vintage HondaS (69 through 76) and these V4s are not in my wheelhouse. Only reason I bought this bike was that because it was my first road bike back in high school and my son wants to experience the thrill! You interested
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  12. jpacman
    Off to the wild blue yonder
  13. dbuzz77
    dbuzz77 administrator
    hello I was wondering if it is alright to post things of a religious nature on here. it is a vfr starring bike blessing from our church. thanks
  14. twosheds
    Still riding!
  15. calicojack
    Full trottle
  16. fpierce22
    fpierce22 mello dude
    Hey man, just letting you know that the pictures of the PC are on the post now.
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  17. Larry Esquivel
    Larry Esquivel
    Alive and Kicking
  18. Larry Esquivel
    Larry Esquivel
    Married 28 Years
  19. Jasn Strashek
    Jasn Strashek michael
    Perhaps I'm missing something really obvious... my username continues to be Jasn Strashek even though I've made the change in Personal Details and it appears to save. I don't want my real last name on the forum and I'd like to use the username "THRASHEK". I'm also an insider (which should enable me to change my username). Can you please point me in the right direction?
  20. Redarrow
    New here , Southwest Rider, 2015 VFRd, had for 2 years only 30 miles on her , so far. Ready to get out and ride, Thank you