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  1. Allyance
    Allyance michael
    I have tried several times to contact the site admin about the fact that I can't choose a file to upload. Dialog box pops up, nothing happens when I click on "Choose File". I am also a member of MacRumours which use similar software, and I can choose files for upload without a problem.
    If you have any suggestions or if problem was at your end, please send me an email: Thanks
  2. BigRocketMan
    Where does the muffler go
  3. pure sustainability
    pure sustainability weevee
    Hi Steve, are you still able to produce decals? I need left and right Honda "wing" decals for the tank on my 1997 VFR750FV (Colour Pearl Sierra Green).
    I don't know how to upload photos of the decals but could send them by email.
    Regards, David
  4. Jeffvfr800
    Need to get VFR back on road
  5. Brian Rodgers
    Brian Rodgers whitewings
    Is the engine in good shape on the '97 ? I might be interested in purchasing same. Mileage? Shipping? I am in central Texas.
  6. cat0020
    Take no sh!t.
  7. Miguel Araújo
    Miguel Araújo
    Enjoy the bike and the road
  8. JimV4R
    JimV4R VFR1200
  9. scottbott
    scottbott michael
    Hello Michael, just received a message from you informing me that my 'insider status' runs out soon but I cannot find how to renew unless I am having a 'senior moment', thanks, gordon
  10. ridervfr
    ridervfr squirrelman
    Hey Jerry, Happy New Year! Hope all is well in Buffalo. Take care Warren
  11. BuzzyBike
    Healing and working to get my Interceptor on the road again after an SUV driver hit me head-on.
  12. Chuck Nix
    Chuck Nix reg71
  13. technokryon
    As a top leading Ecommerce website designing company in India Techno Kryon builds digital shopping experiences
  14. John Hamilton
    John Hamilton Paul Myers
    Hi Paul
    Any further with the rust in your gas tank ?
    I found another gas tank and have been waiting to de-rust it and coat it with KBS Gold Standard Tank Sealer
    With plumbing inside I'm worried about the coating process.
    To de-rust inside I'm going to use EvapoRust and then Rust Bucket
    Maybe too much but I want to be rust free.
    Rust Bucket will allow you not having to coat the inside quickly.
    1. Paul Myers
      Paul Myers
      No I got sidetracked with other things. I will be bringing everything into the workshop before the holidays. Joe at V4dreams seems to have had good success coating the VFR tanks.
      Dec 12, 2020
  15. 34468 Randy
    34468 Randy reg71
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY REG! You miserable old fukker. Hw far away from Old Age Security are you?
  16. glenburke49
    Unfortunately it just sold for $400 plus shipping. If something happens with the sale I will let you know.
  17. northerndan
    northerndan glenburke49
    will you take 400 including shipping via ups or fedex?
  18. northerndan
    northerndan glenburke49
    is the wheel still availaible?
  19. cbx1260cc
    cbx1260cc Captain 80s
    Captain. Good day to you. I was looking through posts today on VFR750 rebuilds etc and found this information you posted "I have a set of 71mm Cosworth pistons and rings for a VFR that I will probably never use if you decide to go the oversize route."--Do you still have these? If Yes and you would consider letting them go what would your asking price be? Thanks for your time and the courtesy of a reply. Regards Rick
  20. A.J.B.
    A.J.B. cbx1260cc
    hi Rick, sent you a PM the other day, parts showed up and are exactly what I needed, thank you once again for the help!!