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  1. bigoledave
    I have my own engineering consulting business, DAVE@DAVISRND.COM,
  2. bigoledave
    Retired since 2013.....had my own engineering consulting
  3. Old Man Caldwell
    Old Man Caldwell
    Needs help finding parts and advise.
  4. KarlR
  5. cbx1260cc
    cbx1260cc squirrelman
    Good day to you..
    With the service work you do on VFR carbs is replacement of the "interconnect" O-rings part of the rebuild service?
    What is your typical charge for the service?
    My memory has failed me but refresh about the Big Bore motor you have--and is it available YET ?? :) :).
    PLease drop me a few lines at
    Kind regards with thanks,
    1. squirrelman
      sorry but my email doesn't haNdle photos well, so we need to comm here.
      Oct 13, 2018
  6. Neil E Meiskey
    Neil E Meiskey
    Forgot to mention this is my third 1983, then a 1998 both purchased new then the 2007 I own now purchased in 2009 used.
  7. Neil E Meiskey
    Neil E Meiskey
    I don't ride often, but when I do it must be a VFR!
  8. zoomnad
    "you meet the nicest people on a Honda"
  9. needragr
    needragr mcwt673
    Send me a pic or 2 of that ign switch hom much $
  10. Tor
    Noob for now
  11. Dana Osborne
    Dana Osborne
    When in doubt, throttle it out!!
  12. MechTech
    Hello, I have a 1992 VFR750F with less than 10,000 miles. How can I tell if its gen3 or gen 4?
  13. BillP
    Hi there. I finally scratched an itch that I've had since I put my 86 away back in 2011. Thanks to Dave in NC. Happy to be on a VFR again.
  14. Rideon
    This is my first Vfr and I love this bike it has a lot of character . looking forward to learning more about the bike.
  15. ReilFun VFR
    ReilFun VFR
    49 yrs old NOOB- Finally Mature enough to own one...but the only bike on the expressway getting passed by Semi's and Yugos! lol jk
  16. NickWhite44
    Nick.Wichita Ks. Purchased 2004 Honda VFR800 Interceptor, APRIL 2018. 6,000 miles in 6 months. Super stoked to be a part of the family!
  17. The Danish dentist
    The Danish dentist
    A very satisfied VFR owner in 2018 after 4 years and 40000km. ( 5th. gen. VFR is the last model without a cam chain and SUPER reliable)
  18. Big Keegs
    Big Keegs Matt_j
    Hey Matt, I'm sorry to hear about your crash. I hope you made it out ok. I was wondering if your Regulator/Rectifier is intact? I'm also interested in the seat. Thanks -Kegan
  19. RRloves2RRIDE
    RRloves2RRIDE RobVG
    Hey thanks again for the replies in chat. Startup issue resolved. Tragedy/comedy of miscommunication. I took PC ground off when I removed battery post BF crash. Ir did not get reinstalled with the new battery bc someone other than me did it...cant blame the guy, it was a heck of a day. Thanks and hope you have a great riding season.
    1. RobVG
      That's awesome it was something simple!

      You have a good riding season too! I try to ride year around. 29┬░going up I-5 last year. That's about my limit lol.
      Take care...
      Aug 25, 2018
  20. Kirk Anderson
    Kirk Anderson
    An analog kid in a digital world.