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  1. Mini
    I am sorry but they are gone, a kid from GTA road up to get them in October and left with a bunch of stuff.
  2. Honda VFR800
    Honda VFR800
    I have a new chain and sprockets. 18 in the front and 43 in the back. Power Commander 5, Speedo Healer, extra fan on the right radiator.
  3. Sussex_Viffer
    Never buy a bike with an K&N oil filter! Oil leak everywhere!
  4. blairmac
    Status? Always doing something....
  5. vfr4j
    vfr4j Mini
    Hey Mini, do you still have those 5th gen passenger grab handles for sale?
  6. thatedge
  7. cbx1260cc
    cbx1260cc Jim McCulloch
    Jim---Have CB1 x2 to make one good bike. PM me if interested (in Georgia).
  8. Konrad Mroczek
    Konrad Mroczek
  9. linkken
    I link therefore I am
  10. Aiden Smith
  11. Aiden Smith
    Aiden Smith
    Travel Software Solutions | Hotel api Integration
  12. linkken
    linkken mello dude
    no politics, please!
  13. linkken
    linkken mello dude
    I WAS tempted and fell right into the negative trap!
    I for one am not going back there and I would like to ask to totally get rid of it?
  14. linkken
    linkken reg71
    Could we get rid of the "politics" thread?
  15. linkken
    linkken squirrelman
    Imagine, not only the cost of the tools themselves but all those batteries when they go bad in a few years. What he is not even considering is the carbon output of producing all of those batteries and having to dispose of them when they have to be replaced. Think about that one...
  16. linkken
    linkken squirrelman
    Talk about hypocrite! Navin Gruesome, in the republik of Kalifornikastan, is banning all gasoline motors!! We are talking about all lawn mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, leaf-blowers and the like. Expecting landscapers and home owners alike to convert completely over to cordless equipment!!!
  17. linkken
    linkken squirrelman
    I do know people personally that have had really bad side effects, and that is not the long term.
  18. squirrelman
    thanks but the info isn't at all satisfying.
  19. linkken
  20. linkken
    linkken squirrelman
    you should really watch the whole thing