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  1. JoeP.
    New here, have 5th Gen 800. Excellent bike!
  2. Evan_VFR700F2H
    Rebuilding Carbs..
  3. Riding a 2000
    Riding a 2000 jroberts427
    OK, the windscreen has my name on it.


    Shipping to zip 48306
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    2. Riding a 2000
      Jun 28, 2022
    3. jroberts427
      Shipped this morning, tracking number is UPS 1Z1AF7850323004240. Thanks.
      Jun 30, 2022
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    4. Riding a 2000
      Riding a 2000
      Got it, Thanks!
      Jul 12, 2022
  4. Coffeeisgreat
    Coffeeisgreat Busy Little Shop
    Hey there.. not sure if you're still using the forum. Would like to purchase lowering blocks for 2008 VFR800 (non-abs). Tried emailing you. Please contact me as I would like to purchase them! Thank you
  5. Coffeeisgreat
    Coffeeisgreat vfrgiving
    Hey there.. I have a 2008 VFR800 VTEC (non-abs). The riding position wrecks me. I'm looking to get Hurricane police bar kit but can't find it rated for a sixth gen year 2008.
    Not sure if you're still using this forum, saw your posts and can use your guidance. Any idea which kit should I be buying from webike? It's $500 so wanted a second opinion
  6. gsbeliever
    Thought I should give you guys a look at this before I try selling it locally. It's time to get this baby back on the road.
  7. pumba101
    Thanks for accepting me, but I am not from the Netherlands but from Cape Town South Africa
  8. Jarman83
    Has anyone resolved the revving when cold issue 2007 vfr
  9. Jarman83
    Jarman83 Darrenm325
    Hi Darren. I'm from South Wales UK. I've just been reading through the forum and came across your post regarding the revving when cold issue. I have a 07 VFR with the same problem. Did you get the issue resolved and do you have any advice you could give to me. Thanks
  10. Kaylers
    Rider from Germany
  11. dbuzz77
    dbuzz77 reg71
    hey Reg can you check my account please, it keeps logging me out when i change pages and I can't see some images in the humor forum, for one. thanks
  12. Miha
    Honda VFR 800 03'
  13. TJ Bart
    TJ Bart
    Which battery is best for a VFR 800 F2 2001 ?
  14. Y2K7RWB
    Y2K7RWB Erik2007
    Hi, Nice to see a fellow person from Palm Beach here!
  15. Rob Vela
    Rob Vela
    Flight Booking API - Tour Operator Software
  16. JimV4R
    JimV4R V_F_R
    RE: 2010 VFR 1200 / Red / Minnesota


    I'm very interested in your VFR 1200f. It's exactly what I've been on the look out for.

    My problem is that I live in Guilford Connecticut. I don't know if you'd consider shipping it (I've never done that for a vehicle).

    I could possibly get out there and ride her back but that wouldn't be for a while.

  17. NJS
    Proudly South African
  18. chuntera
    thanks, long ways to go before I have a whole bike
  19. squirrelman
    squirrelman chuntera
    i'm impressed alot with the engine work you've done to rescue that '87 !!!!!!

    hoping it works out well.
  20. Oldroughneck68
    Hello folks. I'm in Katy Texas looking for decent weather to enjoy my new to me 1998 VFR800FI.