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  1. santamonicavfr
    santamonicavfr heard4it
    Hey, is your exhuast still available?
  2. dbuzz77
    dbuzz77 Chicky
    (i wish i had a vfr there also)
  3. dbuzz77
    dbuzz77 Chicky
    sounds good thanks
  4. dbuzz77
    dbuzz77 Chicky
    I spend the winter in Mohave Valley, wish i had known you were that close. i only have a kawasaki to ride down there though
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    2. Chicky
      Hey Dbuzz77, I just got here towards the end of December. Haven't been here too long. Next time you're around, let me know. I don't mind riding with non-VFRs. We both know which is the better bike... LOL!!
      Apr 20, 2019 at 5:10 PM
  5. johnks
    johnks Busy Little Shop
    do you have lowering blocks for 2014 vfr 800
  6. Gator
    Gator reg71
    Reg I saw your post in the chat about Whiskey Myers, I thought I was the only guy on here that knew who he was and want to see him in concert. lol
  7. Dena
    Testing out the bar risers and lowered pegs with the lowered seat today
  8. Brian Rodgers
    Brian Rodgers atx
    Howdy ! Was that your '86 700 in the COTA parking lot yesterday ? Very clean. The RWB stood out amongst the sea of CBR's ! I'll have my '86 750 back on the road again someday (it has been in a mult-year coma), but am enjoying the '97 VFR quite a bit.
  9. Xtacy B
    Xtacy B
    Issues with my front brakes after a brake pad change
  10. V4LORD
    V4LORD RllwJoe
    Hi Joe? Thanks a bunch! I finally got some pictures of my 1999 VFR posted, thanks to you're help!
    1. RllwJoe
      Glad to have been a help
      Apr 4, 2019
  11. Skull Bandit
    Skull Bandit
    Fast & Loose
  12. Trosty
    Peace through Superior Firepower.
  13. Coasty
    "if you can't fix it with a hammer, you have an electrical problem"
  14. Dena
    I have just put a deposit down on another VFR
  15. squirrelman#1
  16. LP Peters
    LP Peters
    Motorbikes, love ‘em!
  17. TimCthefilmguy
    making music, running fast, Asian living
  18. Ross Little
    Ross Little
    Got it...thanks
  19. cbx1260cc
    cbx1260cc Ross Little
  20. motohockey
    unable to donate using the link posted, any suggestions?