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Jun 13, 2022
May 21, 2004
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John451 Australia

Member, from Sydneys South, 8 minutes from the RNP

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Jun 13, 2022
    1. mr.redridinghood
      thank you for your reply on the heating problem i have or at least i thought i have. after reading what you said i feel so much better. thanks
    2. Richard Thompson
      Richard Thompson
      hey john, hows it going?

      i seem to remember a while back you made a post about swapping to a CB1300? is that right?
      i took a CB 1300 s for a test ride on friday and was might-illy impressed with this bike, enough to ask about a change over from the beloved 6th gen...(shock,horror!).
      whats your thoughts on this? still contemplating this yourself ?

      our winter here in NZ has been terrible so the bike has stayed firmly in the garage for the last 4 months or so. its just starting to warm up now and ive been able to get out on 2 wheels a couple of times this week.

      i was quite shocked that the Cb 1300 was so good...a very deceptive bike.
    3. walterke1959
      Hello John thanks for your repley ,and yey sure i would like it ;but are there anywere no butyful decals from VFR 800 FI -anyway thanks again John and take care Walter
    4. walterke1959
      Hell John hier walter i was looking at your avatar picture and i was thinking is that a decal ,if so are the fore sale becouse i have something about rare decals so John i hope you dont find my question stupid (stupid belgian VFR rider)grtz Walter
    5. Roasrunner
      Hi I saw the flag and tried to go to with no success. What is the go?
      I live in Brisbane and ride a blue 2005 vfr it has Honda top box,givi v35 panniers and plx bracketry.Also has a tankcover and bag and is farkled with a power plug for the gps, runs a uhf radio and camera mount . And I have 100mm HID driving lights arriving soon. I forgot to mention it also runs a Nautilus air horn for those motorists who drive in a state of non compus mentis.
      I belong to a group formed by the late Davo Jones (Who died near the end of the 2009 Iron Butt Rally) Farriders and participate in 1000km Ride to Eat days and have completed two certified Iron Butt rides so far. Hence the farkling. Interested in any OzVFR group so hope to hear from you blokes. Cheers Laurie Sheehan (roasrunner) this username is the result of a typagraphical error ie hit s instead of r. Bugger
    6. Gary Mac
      Gary Mac
      Hi John, I have a stock 2007 and put a k&n in it the other day with a negitive result i feel. I can only get 237 kph from the slug. I have own VFR's from the onset and this one is the slowest, 2001 did 270 kph . Is there a speed restiction in place or something?? I was thinking of motad exhaust and a power commander would this give the extra 30 or 40 kays.. any ideas,, also what are the best mufflers hoping for help cheers Gary
    7. Richard Thompson
      Richard Thompson
      Hi John, can you check something for me? i posted a thread in the 7th gen forum titled 'VFR 1200 not true 7th gen". were having some probs getting it to transfer to the front page thread link topic bar.
      can you post a comment and see if it gets posted to front page.

      and let me know the outcome?

      thanks mate!
    8. Joey_Dude
      lol I got your comment about the tron guy picture. He's got a website check it out at All about Jay Maynard, the TRON Guy
    9. Richard Thompson
      Richard Thompson
      Hi John,seeing as were just about nieghbours we might as well be friends too!

      between us 2 we seem to keep the australaian flag flying on the forum quite well, I think
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