1986 Honda VFR750F

Discussion in 'Specifications' started by michael, Jan 29, 2006.

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    It's the wrong way up. Honda have not, to my knowledge, made an upside down rear Swing-Arm on a road bike. I think one of the Yamaha R1s did though. (In fact it's the R1 with underseat exhausts, around 2012.)

    However, realistically, might as well put this project on the back burner until I know more about any new sensibly priced V4 SuperBike from Honda.

    Of more pressing concern would be RC46 engine in RC24 frame and RC24 engine in RC36 frame.
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    Replacing gen2 instruments with gen3

    RC24 Gen2 instruments are now rare but lots of RC36 Gen3 are to be found.
    Fitment is essentially plug and play apart from the following-
    So here is what you need to do the swap.
    Obtain from Gen3
    instrument cluster, sprocket cover, clutch push rod, speedo drive, coupler and cable.
    Gen3 speedo is driven from gearbox mainshaft not F/wheel as on Gen2
    You need to space out the sprocket retaining bolt by 10mm (longer bolt)
    Allowing for tyre size 140/80 vs 170/60 and sprockets 16/45 vs 16/43
    the speedo will indicate 1.8% fast on the Gen2. If however the rear sprocket
    on the Gen2 is changed to 44t speedo error will now be 0.4% slow.

    The Gen3 tacho has different drive electronics to the Gen2 but the
    electronic module on the back of the tachos are interchangeable
    Remove the modual from the back of the Gen2 tacho and plug it into
    the Gen3. The two meter wires need to be soldered.
    Note- 3 connects to the Gen2 tacho so either swap harness or provide
    brown/black feed. The middle connect hole needs to be drilled and the wires
    Gen2 are in a different order to Gen3.

    Replacing the illumination bulbs with Leds really brightens the display.
    I used a strip of rubber cut from an old inner tube and attached with
    double side sticky tape across the top of the instruments to mask
    the back side from the screen.
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