Accessories for Sale 6th Gen 2007 RWB OEM Right Fairing/Aftermarket Cowl

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    Got two body pieces from a 2007 Anniversary Edition I'm trying to let go.

    First is the OEM right side fairing. In the pic you may notice some cosmetic damage. Had a low-speed whoopsie-daisy, it took some rash including some that took out the recessed screw hole on the left. Fairing itself is intact. If you're handy with bondo and paint it's a decent starting point. $200 shipped to the continental US.


    Next up is the cowl off the Chinese fairing kit I bought to replace the damaged pieces from the whoopsie-daisy. I ended up being able to repair the paint on the front cowl so I just held on to the OEM one, though I did do a test fit of this aftermarket one and it actually fit pretty well. The stripes don't quite line up with OEM, but that's pretty much part for the course for Chinese fairings. Basically pristine condition. $150 shipped to the continental US.


    Side note: I've got a lot of miscellaneous plastic parts out of that fairing kit that I don't need, so if you're in need of something in particular let me know and we can talk about it. I'm not trying to get rich here, just trying to raise funds for an OEM side fairing. I'm apparently too nuts to tolerate the stripes not lining up and not good enough with paint to make that happen myself.

    Best way to reach me is by email: abetterbrad at gmail dot com

    If you want to discuss local pickup I'm in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia

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