Bike for Sale GONE $0.00 Free to good home - 1991 3rd gen VFR

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    3rd gen 2.JPG

    GONE - This 1991 3rd gen VFR750 has clean non-salvage Arizona title

    Rear wheel NOT included, but the good condition, straight OEM 5/6 gen rear wheel/tire in photos can be had for $150.

    Does include all the following:
    - all powertrain parts engine, carbs, airbox, etc
    - OEM headers
    - straight frame, swingarm
    - straight front wheel
    - dent-free gas tank [one scrape - see photo]
    - seat [tired but no rips or holes]
    - handlebars/controls
    - complete undamaged instrument panel/gauge cluster
    - complete front and rear brake systems
    - everything else in photos except rear wheel

    Available for local pickup in North San Diego county, California.

    I am posting it here for a week in case a VFRD member has been looking for a 3rd gen project.

    After a week it gets listed as free to the vultures on craigslist. No offense to craigslisters - sometimes I'm one of the vultures, too.
    3 gen 8 spoke 3.jpg 3rd gen 9.JPG 3rd gen 5.JPG 3rd gen 12.JPG 3rd gen 3.JPG 3rd gen 4.JPG 3rd gen 10.JPG 3rd gen 6.JPG 3rd gen 7.JPG
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