I need a 2000 vfr 800 ignition switch/ barrel

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    Hi all,
    Recently noticed my vfr stalling when manouvered at low speed. Noticing that the accelerator cable was moving the ignition barrel cable to the instruments it would then stall, giggling the cable from the ignition barrel it will stall. My mechanic further investigated and noticed the wiring into the bottom of the ignition barrel when touched stalls bike. It can't be ridden as stalling is more frequent and in traffic it is terrifying when it stalls!
    Very hard to find this particular ignition barrel. Plenty of 2002 onwards ignition and lock sets but only the odd 2000 model on ebay and other websites.
    Do any of you have a solution to this? Other Honda models that share 2000 vfr800 ignition barrel for example?
    I may as well get the ignition barrel, tank and seat lock too.
    It means my bike is useless until one turns up.
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    Hi Ventura01.
    I've never had to do it, but you can get to the innards of the switch and give it a good clean up, apply some switch lubricant like Ox-Gard, some have had good success with this.

    Sure, your switch might be faulty, BUT from what you are saying "moving the switch cables cause the issue" a close look at where the wires solder to the base of the switch, need a good checking for any breakage. AND absolutely make sure the connections within the 3P connector for the three switch cables are ALL good, no burn marks, clean, and making tight connections.

    Just curious - Where in Oz are you?

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