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    Recently bought a package of VFR parts/accessories from someone on Advrider that had sold his VFR.

    The following is the stuff I don't need, all prices are plus shipping from NH (03830)

    1. stock VFR800 seat from 2006. Perfect shape, no rips/tears/damage of any kind. $65.00

    2. SOLD - Honda VFR800 service manual $25.00

    3. MRA smoke bubble windscreen $25.00

    4. stock VFR800 mufflers (with partial gut performed) $75.00

    5. stock front brake and clutch levers. Both have touched the ground, front brake lever is not bent (stock shape). Clutch lever has slight bend (but could probably be heated and straightened) $ free

    6. GONE - stock foot pegs. curb feelers broken off on both. otherwise good shape, $ free

    7. Left meter panel in stock metallic black. No damage. $ free

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