Ride to Lookout Roadhouse this Saturday 5-28-2022

Discussion in 'USA - West' started by SubyRS, May 26, 2022.

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    My wife and I will be riding our new 2014 Interceptor to The Lookout Roadhouse this weekend. : )
    I usually get there after the canyon racers finish their road runs at about 10:00am.
    If you ride in any earlier, just be prepared for groups of Cafe Racers on the latest GP machines dragging knees past you at 100 mph. : ) It's all good : )
    Looks to be great weather forecast at 72ยบ and sunny.

    Those of you that know The Lookout know all there is to know. : )
    Those that haven't been there would discover a worthy weekend destination to one of SoCal's best motorcyclist meet-up locations. The winding canyon roads and the hearty home cooking at The Lookout cannot be topped anywhere else.

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