Serious Problem! Lost bolt! 5th Gen

Discussion in 'Mechanics Garage' started by Sliding242, Apr 4, 2021.

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    Its worth the effort to have made sure you found the bolt.
    1) It could have come back to bite you if it had gone down the wrong hole.
    2) Peace of mind. You'd be left always wondering if it is only a matter of time before you find out it did go down the wrong hole.

    I remember a friends race car all of a sudden letting all the smoke and good bit of oil out on the back straight.
    When we got it back to the pits we found a section of the cam housing with a big chunk blown out of it.
    Once I got it off and took a close look I mentioned there appeared to be an indentation that looked like it was the exact size of a cam housing retaining bolt.

    Friend....."That's where it went!" :Noidea:

    Turns out he had the housing off and dropped one of the 6 bolts. He'd taken a quick look, didn't find it and assumed it had disappeared into the shop mess.

    The smoke will always find a way to escape given the chance.

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