Bike for Sale SOLD!!! White VFR750F 1993 $1950,-

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    For Sale:

    Honda VFR750F 1993 Pearl Crystal White

    Only 14K miles.

    Located in Princeton, New Jersey

    Clean title.

    In very good condition.

    Bought this from someone who put it in his garage 8 years ago and did not touch it anymore.

    The carburetors were very dirty, also the fuel tank was rusted inside, beyond repair.

    Cleaned the carburetors and exchanged all the jets and seals, and the boots to the engine.

    Found a white fuel tank with no rust inside, but with a couple of dings.

    Cleaned the fuel pump and changed the fuel filter.

    Changed the oil and oil filter, as well as the clutch and brake fluid.

    Also changed the coolant and just to be sure the thermostat and radiator cap.

    Put new sparkplugs and air filter in, including the little foam one.

    Checked the valve clearance, all in spec.

    Removed the pair system and installed block off plates.

    Original front wheel paint was in bad shape, so found a nice 4thgen. with floating brake discs, so better braking. Changed the wheel bearings also and cleaned front and rear brakes.

    After all that, the bike started right up, but ran a little rough.

    Did carb sync and runs great now. Ready to go everywhere, and no maintenance necessary for now.

    Tires were okay, but more than 10 years old, so replaced them with a new set of Pirelli Diablo Rosso II’s

    There was an incomplete toolkit with the bike, made that complete including the big C spanner to adjust the chain.

    Put a center stand on it, makes chain lubrication and maintenance much easier.

    Like I mentioned, the bike has some dings on the fuel tank. Also the fairings on the right side have some scuffmarks. Still the bike attracts a lot of attention from people, more than my other bike, a KTM 990 SMT;-(

    Bike has a 2 Brothers slip on muffler, sounds good, not too loud.

    Would love to hold on to this bike much longer, but have to relocate to The Netherlands and taking the bike with me is not worth it. So decided to sell.

    Asking $1950 obo.
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