VFR1200F-2010 model cooling performance

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    How does the normal cooling process work with this 1200F model2010?

    After having RC36 and RC46 for 10+ years my new bike starts the fan much earlier.

    Actually we have 15C outside and ridding alone on local roads and a bit highway 80-120km/h (no city use or traffic jam) when driving for 3-10min in a village the fan would start, specially when I stop at a junction or at the gate when I get home.

    This behaviour is the same if riding with my friend (+90kg)

    My RC46 had side panels but could do more even in the summer. How will the big VFR12 works in hot days?

    I got the bike right now from the Honda dealer shop after oil, filter and coolant change. I have driven it just 300km, has not to much experience with it.

    The Tempr. bar display shows 2-3 marks bellow red when driving at least 80km/h. I shows 2 marks bellow when the fan starts.

    This morning I checked the temperature of the coolant pipe on the left side connecting to the water pump and also the radiator with a laser termometer.

    I found in 2-3 minutes in warm up the pipe is already 60C and the right upper side of the radiator is also warming.

    Is it normal?

    I read in the service manual the thermostat should start to open to the radiator at 80C, not before.

    But I know, an early thermostat should only expand the warming time but not to generate more heat.

    Bit problem could be, the bike is stock but the radiator shows some wear/deformations on part of the lamella.10-20%

    Worth the open them a bit with a thiny flat screw driver?

    How to clean it in smooth way?

    (I asked the shop, but they couldn't do too much)
    I have already checked the reverse tank, it is toped to the max. and filled with clean Honda-green coolant.
    Can it be the radiator is not full, or cannot breath out?
    Is it an issue I have to handle seriously?
    I am a bit worried, the dealer will not really willing to replace the radiator since it is a 11 years old bike and I cannot imagine those deformations I could flattened out without making more damages.
    How this big engine runs in hot summer days, does it burn the legs or more rider friendly?

    Thank you for your advices!


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