Wanted WTB. 5th Gen Plastics.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by RC46-SP2, Jan 14, 2019.

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    This is probably a - very - long shot, but anyway...

    As mentioned elsewhere, I'm beginning to gather parts for a decent "refurb" of my 5th Gen later this year.

    While the plastics on it are fine, I'm thinking about changing the colour (from OEM Red, to Black).

    As such (and because I don't want to re-spray the current plastics), I'm looking for 5th Gen plastics I can rub back and paint, to get the "black on gold" look I'm chasing.

    Ideally, the plastics would be:

    1) OEM (not Chinese cr*p)
    2) lightly rashed is fine. Major cracks/missing tabs, not so much.
    3) Colour isn't that important, as they'll be re-sprayed anyway.
    4) Mint, OEM Black plastics (and tank if you have it), gratefully accepted ;)
    5) I don't need the fender (I'll be re-using the current CF unit)

    Mods: Apologies if this is a bit to long/rambling...just needed to establish context for the request.

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