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    I have been talking about it for several years now. And now, the welting on my Sargent seat has worn through and is looking ratty. Finally booked an appointment for Rick's Custom Seats & Upholstery in Kingston Wa. I know. A shameless plug but they are worth it.

    I was doing this on the heels of an annual September ride we have been doing for quite a number of years now. The ride was going to be over Sunday evening but I needed to stay in the USA for a minimum of 48 hours to bring back goods of certain value duty free. Rich's is not open Mondays so I was going to have to book at a flea bag motel to afford this excursion.

    Turns out, Rich's has a two bedroom suite he rents to customers who find themselves in a position such as I. The rate was far cheaper than what I stayed at in Kettle Falls where there, the room was a flea pit. Here are Rich's accommodations.

    The outside of his shop. He has a really nice spot here. Even has RV hook ups out in the yard.

    The beds in the two rooms are as comfortable as you can get at any hotel. Bathroom was like a spa with a jet tub as well as shower. Living room are was fully furnished and not seen in this photo is a fully equipped kitchen.
    IMGP0068.JPG IMGP0071.JPG IMGP0073.JPG

    So, here is the seat I was riding on. There are tens upon tens of thousands of miles on this seat. Likely close to 100,ooo miles. I crossed the 130,k mile point on this trip. The pipping was worn through and I was going to have to get it reupholstered anyways so why not follow through with what I have wanted to do for years. IMGP0077.JPG

    They removed the old covering and began building up the original foam of the seat. I didn't see if they removed any of my old foam, but I did see them remove old and replace it with new on other vehicles. It is clear they did not replace foam that was not in need of replacing. Rich had many staff working for him but he is hands on in just about every project. There were four of us there with bikes and a couple cars and even soccer mom vans being worked on. This is Rich himself working on my seat. He would glue foam, shave it down, re apply more foam and the day went on. After he roughed it out with a tool resembling a right angle turkey carving knife, the seat was off to a booth where he had one or two guys whop shaped it down the the final shape. Then off I went for a ride to test the fit. Back to the shop where Rich went back at it until the fit was just right
    . IMGP0079.JPG

    At some point, a gel insert was placed on the foam, padding and the seat was covered with a fabric. Rich then prepares a template for the cover.
    IMGP0081.JPG IMGP0081.JPG
    I took his advice and upgraded from vinyl to leather. Also added a personal touch of embroidery. And this is the final product.

    I must say, I am impressed. Not only with the end result, but the class this shop and its staff have. Understand, this is not a Walmart slip cover we are talking about here. The base cost for a one person seat fitting was $450.00 The leather upgrade and embroidery were add on's. If the seat was being fitted for a passenger as well, then the cost would have been more. But no one rides with me so just the rider's seat was to be done.

    I rode home mid day just before rush hour. Trip home was about 4 hours in the seat save for gas and dinner. Very comfortable. Never crossed my mind on that trip to get out of the saddle for a break other than for food.

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    Nice! I like the upgrades you did too. Now you're ready for another 100k miles!

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