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  1. Captain 80s
    N9n-ethanol is always best, but is not really feasible at every fill up. I have a 35 gal pump at home with non-eth and lead substitute for my vintage stuff. I love my 500s.
  2. LDN_PDX
    yeah the one in portland! and thanks i like it, even if the engine has a deathwish. and yes ive been told non ethanol but not sure after looking into it? and yeah got the plugs and hell no too...
  3. Captain 80s
    This was the one in Portland? Seemed like a decent deal. Congrats. Premium, but not totally necessary. DPR8EA-9 pretty sure on plugs. Any quality filter, just not K&N or Fram.
  4. Viffer J
    Great color!
  5. LDN_PDX
    Exhausts are fairly rusted, and needs a solid service but its running well, curious what the best gas for this would be? best spark plugs? oil filter ect. any advice helps

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