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Jan 21, 2017
Jan 29, 2009
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Jan 21, 2017
    1. mr.redridinghood
      i tried downloading the service manual (90-96) unfortunatly it's not working. ???
    2. mr.redridinghood
      what is gutting the can? what i think is removing some type of fiberglass or something. will you send me the procedure on how you did your modification on the exhaust. thanks.
    3. mr.redridinghood
    4. mr.redridinghood
      hey 02, will you please send me the site for sevice manuals? thanks
    5. mr.redridinghood
      hey 02, just stop to say hello, and how is work? are you online?
    6. mr.redridinghood
      02 i think i got lost
    7. alex5160
      What should I use for my signature block. I might be the latest member to join the SIXTH GEN MILITIA - 1ST VTEC BATALLION. Am I assigned a number?

      I'm Based in Brockport NY (West of Rochester)
    8. 02 VFR Rider
      02 VFR Rider
      opps that did not work
      link below
      - VFRworld Photo Gallery
    9. 02 VFR Rider
      02 VFR Rider
      Well ever since the new changes here< our photo gallery is no longer on our ind page.
      Hope this gets corrected, link to my gallery below.

      - VFRworld Photo Gallery
    10. alex5160
      How does one join the Sixth Gen Militia - 1st VTEC Battalion? About to buy an 07 VFR800 RWB
    11. joshbea6
      tore my ACL and Meniscus. Have to have surgery.
    12. joshbea6
      Think my riding season has been SEVERELY shortened...
    13. Bubba Zanetti
      Bubba Zanetti
      Thanks 02! Another cool 2T site :-)

      God bless.
    14. JTC
      '06 VFR stock exhaust... Small egg shaped dent and some scratches on the left side heat shield. The rest is in good to excellent condition.
    15. hondarv4
      There's one NS400r available in Holland, NL 8041 AC ZWOLLE by Kalsbeck Motoren BV, phone nr 0031615048992:cool:
    16. emon07
      Hey wassup - I took the 03 Black VFR back to the dealer and got my money back. I think that bike had some issues, possibly a worn clutch or tranny issues. I bought an 05 Silver VFR from a VFRD member in New Hampshire. This bike is in excellent shape and is running properly. The bike is setup with a PCIII and has Leo Vance pipes. This one also has the stock seat which is great for me. I still like the 5th Gen engine better, but I like the 6th gen suspension better - this bike is stable as hell at low and high speeds. Running ContiMotion tires which are really nice.
    17. emon07

      Thanks for the response to my post and the compliment on the bike. I am not very happy with the VTEC setup at all and really am gonna need help with mods if I am gonna keep the bike. I want a quicker takeoff from standstill on the bike and some low end troque for takoffs and inclines riding two up. What can I do without using a Power Commander and without losing speed on the top end. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been riding an 03 R1 most of the year and I am so spoiled by the speed and quick handling of the R1 that it is hard to get used to anything slower lmao - and I am not a MotoGP racer lol.

      emon07 aka Ed
    18. shorawitz
      Thanks for the help with the chain guard screws!
    19. tinkerinWstuff
      What's with the full PM box? You can't be that popular, delete some junk would ya!

      Haven't seen ya around during the daytime any longer and just missed you tonight. Hope all is well!
    20. Alaskan
      Hey, 02. Just stopping by to tell my thermostat WAS stuck open. I couldn't find one on my trip, so I used the "truckers' solution" - covering up part of the radiator(s) with cardboard. I got the bike to run between 175 degrees and about 205 degrees. Kind of a PITA, but it didn't spoil the trip . . . .

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    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Proud Member - Sixth Gen Militia - 1st VTEC Battalion

    ZG dbl bbl, semi gutted stock exhust
    " The Chip " power mod, 19mm tail riser
    and cool red grips :thumbsup::crazy:

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