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Apr 25, 2009
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Edmonds, WA

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    1. cknight
      Hello Captain, I have an original one owner 1983 VF750F, and am taking the plunge to the 17" wheel conversion using CBR600F2 wheels. I would like your advice as to what tires to use. Looking back at some threads from 2008, there seems to be a few different opinions, and there certainly could be more choices nowadays. Changing the gearing is not an issue. Any other hints would be appreciated. Regards, Chase
    2. linkken
    3. linkken
      Thank you so much for helping me out!
      You stopped me from making a grave mistake!!
      I hate Chinese crap and I didn't even know that it was!!!
      You have saved the day, may God Bless you richly.
    4. cbx1260cc
      Captain. Good day to you. I was looking through posts today on VFR750 rebuilds etc and found this information you posted "I have a set of 71mm Cosworth pistons and rings for a VFR that I will probably never use if you decide to go the oversize route."--Do you still have these? If Yes and you would consider letting them go what would your asking price be? Thanks for your time and the courtesy of a reply. Regards Rick
    5. DocVintage
      Hello Capitan 80's. My name is Michel and I just sign up yesterday. Squirrelman told me you probably have an answer for me since you have a lot of experience with the VF. I am looking for the part number for the removable solo seat cowl for the VF100F. Also is that true it is the same as the VF750F? and lastly, do you need some kind of bracket to install the cowl? Thanks for your precious help. Best Regards. Michel
    6. ridervfr
      how are you doing
    7. cbx1260cc
      May I have your opinion please?

      Looking at the white VFR for sale in Fla for $2,500. Low miles at approx 19,000--BUT--seems to have a LOT of corrosion on everything aluminium. Looks to be a massive amount of work to bring back to factory spec. In Your opinion overpriced at $2,300?? Some pix below. Regards Rick Sawyer
      1. 34468 Randy
        34468 Randy
        Are you sure that odometer has not rolled over and it in fat has 119,000 miles on it? Wear on foot pegs and handle grips are a good indicator of that. Even if it was actually just 19K, I think that price is a little too steep for such and old bike. Really all depends on what that bike is worth to you.
        Sep 2, 2019
    8. ridervfr
      Hi, nice pictures etc, excellent impressive collection!
      what are the part number for the vacuum tubes on your carburetors, I just did a install of metal fuel tubes and had to re-use my vacuum o-rings as the ones in the kit were the wrong size and would not allow the tubes to be reinserted into the carburetor body.
    9. CARMINE
      Thank you Capt.
      I'll follow your instructions and I will give you a feedback!
      Again, very kind of you.
      Lamps ! Carmine
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