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    1. zielarz
      Hey what sup man I seen your bike on craigslist...detroit. if u from d or around halla at me man....wanna talk to u
    2. Tinman
      Good luck with the new project. Progress pics would be great too if you can't hold back til it's done. I'd love to step up to a bigger bike eventually but the 750 is enough for me for now. I've fixed up an xs400, a couple old dirtbikes and now I'm stuck between a cb450 and an '89 Porsche 944 I recently purchased. Too many projects. Let me know when you get some pics up.
    3. Tinman
      Thanks for the comments. Your bike is actually one of my favorite interceptors that I've come across. Very mean looking.

      As far as my bike goes, for $400 total investment you can't go wrong. The pipes cost about $25 to make from parts found at pep boys. I plan to eventually weld up a similar setup but this works fine for now. They are made from flexible exhaust repair piping bent to shape then attached to the chopped collector pipe with jb weld. I then found a couple chrome tips to attach to the ends of the piping and put some baffles in to quiet it down. The mounting nut for the tips became the mounting nut to the bike with a small piece of bent metal. Then wrapped the whole set up save the tips with exhaust wrap and wire to keep it together. No leaks of any kind and fairly sturdy considering the inexpensive materials. Sure, it isnt tuned for the bike but a rejet and it runs great.

      I cannot remember what the bars are from but I had to shim them with thin gauge metal to get a good fit. They cost about $25 shipped from ebay. I had to hollow out the bars so I could put bar end mirrors in them. The forks were raised about 3 inches to have the bike sit lower and the clipons are about 6 inches below the top of the forks. It is a great low position almost litterally hugging the tank. I'll fabricate some rearsets eventually to give me more of a drag bike position but this works great for now. My new porsche 944 project is taking up my time currently. Best of luck to you. :0)

      The bike is nothing special, but it is mine.
      do you need a tank?
    5. JTC
      that's only a 180... looks like more
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