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Aug 26, 2006
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Oct 29, 1973 (Age: 49)
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Fort Wayne, IN
Mechanical Engineer

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JamieDaugherty United States

New Member, 49, from Fort Wayne, IN

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Feb 5, 2021
    1. eightangrybears
      Hey man, after just reading a post about a 929 shock conversion that mentioned your name (honestly been on here for 14 months and never run across your name or what you can do, but it sounds like A LOT) and was just wondering what you charge for a 929 shock with the mods you do to it? I am a bigger guy and can see the stock spring just being a bit too weak for me. Let me know if you get a chance...thanks,
    2. Dannyhoo
      Hey Jamie I just scored on a set of f2 wheels tires and front and rear brake calipers for $75 for everything. I know a guy that can do my machining and he is really good but what all do I need for the front wheel conversion. Will I need the stock Cbr axel. Will I need to replace the bearings in the wheel. As for the rear wheel do you have to machine the cush drive or can you leave it alone. Plus does the stock vf rear axel fit it or will I need to get the stock cbr one. Thanks for your help.
    3. Grade247
      hey jamie I was told you are go to guy about upgrading an 84 vf750 rear mon shock. Got any links or anything i can look into for the mod I was told about?

      Thank you

    4. smooth operator
      smooth operator
      Thanks for the reply Jamie, I checked out your web site. If this ball gets rolling I'll definatly need your services. I would want to do the wheel swaps ,the suspension,I'll have to make up some rear sets and whatever else comes up. No need for the speedo mods,won't need it for the track(s) Not woried about ARHMA rules would just be running with MotoSeries(used to be Fasttrax) mostly @ Nelson Ledges and Beaver Run. I'd want to make it trackable as possible. Thanks,Dan Lander ,Erie,Pa.
    5. smooth operator
      smooth operator
      Hi Jamie, A buddy of mine has a bike shop,I keep my bikes there,have keys(our club house). A VF500 has been donated to be made into a race bike. I could run in the vintage lts. Do you have any helpfull info on suspension upgrades,tire choices(odd size tires) or any input to get me started? Thanks, Dan
    6. Michael E
      Michael E
      OK. I will clean them up on the weekend and send you some pictures. I can give you a PayPal addy when you are good to go.

    7. Victorpride
      I see from an old post that you rebuild carberators.. I am about to buy a old honda v45 magna it has a four carb set up is that something you can do
    8. chr0n0s21
      Hello jim.. im lookin for some information on the wheel swaps.. just curious as to wat would fit my 86 vf500f. and if you still make the hardware to mount them? please message me back at Fruface@yahoo.com thank you very much

    9. HasselHoff
      Hey Jaime,
      I've got an 85 vf500f and it's giving me some issues.It likes to bog down some inbetween 4-8K. I think it needs a tune up and I'd like some advice on what to get for it. I'd also like to know what I can do to lower it. Lemme know what you think. Thanks in advance,
    10. Mobtown
      Heya Jaime...looking to do a carb rebuild on a 85 vf500. Also adding full V&H exhaust. I thought I read somewhere that a jet kit was need to maintain stock horsepower.

      Is this true, and if so, what kit do you recommend?

      Thanks in advance...
    11. Mario98
      hey bro, i was told you are the man with the plan for this stuff. my rr gave out and cant afford a new one(98) toecutter sent me one from a 01. can i make it work? the harness is bigger on the 01 but i thought it was to avoid the problem i already encountered. let me know if these are swapable, gonna give it hell. thanks bro
    12. cirque'85-700f
      So I am wondering if you have any idea of where to find the clutch lock nut tool for a 1985 vf700f. The Honda manual says that you need this special tool in order to remove the clutch spring plate from the clutch shaft.
      I so far have not had any luck trying to remove the nut with out it. I have tried using a rachet strap around the clutch basket and jamming the clutch gear but I was turning the whole assembly along with the nut.

      If you have any ideas please let me know.
    13. 1985700ceptor
      on my 85 vf700 i want to put a cbr600f1 wheel do my rotors and speedo drive bolt right up?also on your rear swap will your kit work for the f1 wheel?
    14. cstmvfrguy
      I was wondering what kinda modifying would be involved in swapping a cbr 900 rear shock onto my 86 700 i know i had talked to you before but i was under the impression it fit without modification. I know its probably a pain but any info would be greatly appreciated. If there is a link to another post with step by step that would be great..
    15. twowheelracer
      Hello Jamie,
      Thanks for the reply on the oil mod,so you have all the needed parts in your mod kits. your kits say you have switch from braided lines why?
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    Mechanical Engineer
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