Richard Thompson
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Dec 14, 2013
Apr 5, 2008
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Aug 3, 1962 (Age: 60)
Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand

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Richard Thompson

New Member, 60, from Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand

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Dec 14, 2013
    1. Hopsterman
      Hey there Richard. I see you have a 1200. Been thinking of getting one myself.
      Honest opinion, what are they like, should i trade the 6th gen orkeep it too?
    2. John451
      Hi Richard, I did look into it late last year even enquired when I saw a new one with a great ride away price in Western Sydney unfortunately / fortunately it was a run out price and they had sold out so didn't bother thing is I love my VFR so much commuting, touring or riding the twisties that I cannot see myself on another motorcycle for the next few years, at the risk off sparking a CDC debate when I do the slow 17 km eachway commute to work because it is generally at free flowing slow 50 to 60kph the Cam whine mixed with marvellous V4 sound from my carbon ARROW just makes a day at work special so not sure an IL4 would give me that same feeling.
    3. Scubalong
      Nice VFR1200 there my friend :)
    4. rodm850g
      Good day to you, I'm a flat lander with a penchant for doing trips to the high country.....Boone ,N.C. Asheville,N.C. if you get time a run down the Blue Ridge Parkway is a thing of beauty that should not be passed on.....I know you have no doubt heard of this dragon thing people are so taken with........all of its notoriety aside there is a "Valley" Shady Valley....Route 421its claim to fame are 3 mountains,1 valley and 400+
      turns they call it a snake...but Shady almost has the following of the dragon....lots less law enforcement.....and can be accessed from the BRP in Boone....get off and bav towards I think its 421....from Boone a beautiful place to visit....
    5. kiwivfr
      Hey Richard, I am from Wellington originally, you arent the Richard Thompson that worked on Kiwi Rider are you? (actually it might have been the "other" mag). I raced a bit a few years ago, (one of my best mates was Derek Hill #104 and we started racing together him on an FZR me on a red RS250), and remember a Richard Thompson from around the tracks??
    6. Slothrop
      Thank you. That's the cylinder head and conrods from my BSA. One of these days I'd like to make a T-shirt with it.
    7. Beagle
      Hi Richard, those leo vince cans were on the bike when i got it. My gain, his loss! I never heard the bike with standard cans but the leo's sound superb! (baffles left out-of course!).
    8. zorroscar
      Hey - this is pretty neat - what time is it in your little part of paradise? 2:04 PM here in St. Petersburg, Florida.
    9. RocknVFR
      Richard, thanks for the friend request and I'm glad my 4th gen served as an inspiration for you to add to your already nice collection. I'm the 3rd owner of mine and it currently has around 17,000 miles. The carbon fiber pipe is a WileyCo Italian made slip-on. It was on the bike when I bought it and I liked it as well so I kept it on. The only other non-stock things I've done to the bike myself is Comp Werkes fender eliminator, Pro Bolt gold anodized bolts, '01 VFR mirrors and Pazzo levers. It looks like you found yourself a very nice 4th gen VFR yourself. Let me know how it differs from your 6th gen in handling, power and comfort. I also like your Blade. I have an '07 CBR liter Repsol edition and it is a blast to I'm sure you know. Take care, keep in touch and ride safe.
    10. crynsie
      Hi Richard, picked up the VFR when I got back from aussie about a year ago, saw it on trademe and had been looking at vfr's for a while, bought it on the spot. Crashed it over easter and spent six months getting parts and thinking about the paint work etc. I liked the 6th gen tricolour and thought why not a 4th gen...
      This is the result...
      Love the engine in the vfr's, after six months of not being run, poured some petrol in, opened the choke and she started on the second try! almost like she had never been down, no oil leaks or anything!
      been a hard six months, but all worth it for a ride on SH16!
    11. Scubalong
      Thanks for the message. I like your collection of the model....Don't you wish to have one of each real bike...........?LoL
    12. derstuka
      Love your tag line bud.... :lol:

      "Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. that way, when you judge him, your a mile further away and you have his shoes"
    13. Rhino88
      Hi Richard
      I got onto this site about a week ago and teamed up with K1W1 I own a 5th Gen VFR and a VTR Firestorm.I am enjoying finding my way around VFRWorld.
    14. Lifttruck
      I do have some pics and would be happy to compare notes. You could probably teach me a thing or two though. My track VTR is an insurance total with under 2000 mi. on it. Nothing special just bone stock. Ihave some APE CCT's to install and a race tail and steering damper. It just saves me from running my Hawk GT or any of my other street bikes on track days. Hit me off the forum

      Denny Fair
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    Aug 3, 1962 (Age: 60)
    Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand
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    2010 CB 1300 S
    Home Country:
    New Zealand
    Learn from the past... (whats done is done,you cant change it.) Live for the moment. (you only have one shot at this life your living.) Plan for the future. ( if you dont know where your going how will you ever get there? )

    NRL - National Rugby League, Sport bike, Military history Sucker Punch Steely Dan, Michael Jackson D


    :lol: Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. that way, when you judge him, your a mile further away and you have his shoes...

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