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Mar 2, 2018
    1. Bruce1985vfr700f
      Hi Seb, I was looking through your 96 vfr streetfighter build and was wondering what you did to your oil cooler. Best I can tell you cut the stock fittings and welded on barbs. I know the stock size is 12 an and then 3/8 in steel tube. Did you stick with those sizes? And were the barbs ok with the pressure?
    2. Sebspeed
      Hey there!

      Sorry I didn't get your message until now. I am set with pipes, I bought that V&H set that you advised me about. They are in excellent condition and the price couldn't have been much better. $215 shipped from Wisconsin(Alpha Heaven).

      Sorry to hear your set is not working out as planed, good to hear you are making progress though!

      Check out my "Not a Teaser" thread, I've put a nice update in there.

      Catch ya later,

    3. fabinator
      Hey, seb. I have another set of headers, which I installed on the bike. I was going to send them your way, but decided to test fit them first (and ride around for awhile to see how everything works). It's a good thing I tried this, since they didn't fit.

      Apparently, they were for a VF1000, not a 750, so the dimensions were all wrong. However, the general shape was there, and after some hacksaw work and welding, it all fits. It clears the oil filter, however the pipe is too close to remove it. I'll move the pipe to the side, and under the filter to solve this problem. I should also be able to keep the total length the same. The other problem is the lower fairing will no longer fit, but the full fairing kit made by Targa should. I'll try this soon. The airtech full fairing kit may work also.

      It has a Kerker "system K2" can on it, and it's loud as hell. Apparently, it's the race model, not the street model... this one has a 2.5" opening at the end (same as the other end), instead of 1 or 1.5 inches. It's basically a straight shot from the header to the air, nothing blocking it's path. The good thing is, it's not running lean for some reason, and no cars have changed lanes into me since I put it on :D

      I'll take some pictures, and send them soon. Let me know if you still need a set to copy. I will also take pictures after I re-form the #3 pipe, which will be soon, since it could use an oil change.

      I've been working on my '85 GSXR since I blew it up. I should be done with it soon, then I'll strip the Interceptor to the frame. The pipes will not be needed for quite awhile when this happens, plenty of time to get a copy made, or just take a pattern.
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    Fabricator/ Manufacturing Engineer
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