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Nov 30, 2008
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Sep 24, 1968 (Age: 53)

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TOE CUTTER United States

Mullet Man, 53, from Sacramento

none Sep 25, 2017

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Jan 27, 2022 at 2:37 PM
    1. zielarz
      Hey toe cutter what sup.. didn't have a chance to look into carborators on mine bike yet...butu sayed that u could rebuild much that would cost me....with parts I guess.....thx
    2. zielarz
      Hey ToeCutter cuold u chech mine last question on mine blog....or forum I think.....86 vfr and problem after problem thx you
    3. ZEN biker
      ZEN biker
      hope not all your friends just need advice on mechanics, lol
    4. JTC
      Did Long and his boys lay-over in SLO?
    5. FLYNVFR
      Hi Toe, hope you had a great Christmas. I got some Heli bars for christmas, any advice? the instructions seem a little vague. Will I need a service manual? should I service the fork struts? change oil? You are the guru, thanks for any help. You have my number.
    6. squirrelman
      A line i've NEVER said : " That's a nice Harley."
    7. jcoplen
      ive been told your the man to talk to about trans missin parts for vf1000r please get back to me
    8. reacher72
      hi mate if i press the starter button nothing happens? the battery is new but i don't get out on bike lots (lifes a bitch eh) it has 12.5v the bike has started every time from home. when i get to where i'm going i turn off the bike then try startting it nothing if i stall it nothing. if i turn a;; lights offand let bike run a few min's then turn it off it starts?? the aa man couldn't get me going today i had to run it down hill and bump it it started no prob's when i got it home turnd off then tried to start it nothing? not sure where to start looking?? it's a 97 vfr 750 only dun 10k well serviced kept dry any ideas??
    9. erollman
      Mr. Toe Cutter, You come highly recommended from Meatloaf about information pertaining to fairings for a 93. Please help where possible. thanks, erollman
    10. VTECH
      ya dude he was but the site he gave had a link to ebay where i found a european store that sells GPR systems but they don't give any stats. bout them and they r a grand. i can't tell if the are full sys. or just slip-ons though. but thanks for the heads up anyways. i'll work on pics of mine in the futere.. wife has the cam. for a bit so i can't take good
    11. willi777
      Does the 86 VFR in your avatar have a single sided swingarm? If it does- please provide more info as that is the first i have seen, well, the second but the first was not a runner. Thanks, Willi777
    12. Vincerama
      hey just wanted to say thank you for your help on my questions for my VF500. didn't get to say later to you. had to do some work. when I got back to my PC your had took off. didn't want to seem unappreciative.

    13. Brian 65
      Brian 65
      Hey TC,
      Thanks for the advice about my '83 Interceptor. I'll try to get the compression gauge on it tomorrow. Squirrelman seems to think that it may be a fouled plug or stuck float bowl.Guess a compression check will tell me the next step. I'll keep you posted.
    14. sixweeds

      Hey doode, you were gonna send me some information about the idiot that shot you? I need your help. A friend of mine has a 20 year old daughter who foolishly bought a motorcycle for her boyfriend (no longer) on Yamaha $11,000 '07 R1. The retard crashed it, it slid into a curb. She asked for my help because I'm "trustworthy, honest, and know about "streetbikes" (her word for crotch rockets). Besides all the cosmetic damage, which I know I can replace with with salvage/new parts, the dumbass and broke the corner off of the crank case cover when he hit the curb. You can stick your hand into the hole. Here's where you can help me. I downloaded an '07 R1 Sevice manual. Can I replace just the bottom engine crank case cover by buying a new / used one, remove the motor, turn it upside down, take off the broken one and bolt the replacement one on, or do I need to buy a whole used engine from a salvage yard? From the pictures and description in the manual, it looks like it can be replaced. Any suggestions. I'm trying to help my friend (and her daughter) recover some of the value of the bike so they can sell it and pay off some of the loan. No matter what, she's gonna have to eat some dough, but my friend and her daughter are worth the effort and I want to help her get as much out of it as possible. The daughet's learned her lesson about idiot boy friends. He was gonna make payments to her...but, doh! And she wasn't able to get it insured before he wadded it. Let me know what you think.

    15. PyroMcnoob
      ok toecutter, I gotta know: where the hell did you get ur username? it's gnarly, but i wanna know what it means :P
    16. vfrevolution
      Hey im from sacramento too... how long have you had your 86??
    17. jamey2466
      dont need a tank built a custom one but thanks
    18. fredsncoma

      Long time. I never did hear back from JTC. I guess you talked to Mark who porbably let you know that I have to hold on this or any bike project, for a while. On the god side we should be closing on a house this week. Been packing to move and closing school for the last couple of weeks. When we get moved in you'll have to take a ride up and check it out. Hopefully in by the first. Bitch.
    19. FLYNVFR
      Hey Toe, think I found a VFR , its on Craigs list, its in Grass Valley, it's white with 3800 miles on it, it's non ABS, but with my numb but I really don't care. Should be able to afford it in less than 2 weeks.

    20. pinball
      sold the bike to a buddy, one week later it blew the plug. Let me know what you want for it and i will let him know. I really appreciate this man. I feel bad that it broke down on him so soon.
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    Sep 24, 1968 (Age: 53)
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    2007 RWB SUPERCHARGED / 1986 750 SSA
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    United States
    Original 86 owner



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