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Jun 6, 2019
May 8, 2008
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Jun 24, 1945 (Age: 75)
Atlanta, Ga
Priest, Campus Minister

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wrestler United States

New Member, 75, from Atlanta, Ga

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Jun 6, 2019
    1. derstuka
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Wrestler! I wish the best for you and all of your family!

      Oh, and Michael is working on the bat channel thingy....not sure if he can fix it, as it might be a server issue. As of late, I think it might be doing better. Maybe VFRW is just going thru a depression! :lol:
    2. zorroscar
      Howdy, Your Eminance!! Thanks very much for the return message yesterday - I would have left it on the VFR web site, but there were some "technical issues." What campus do you minister at? I think I'd love to take a ride to meet you near Thanksgiving. I'm conducting a Parish Retreat for a neighboring Parish on Saturday, November 22 but I'm fairly free after that (wife excepted!). Just let me know what your plans are and maybe we can meet up. Sorry to read that you got sick - just don't do that on a bike!! Ride safe.
    3. wrestler
      Hey stuka!!! Man I didn't realize I missed you so much. I have to admit, I have been working with image doctors to see if I could get a better one going than yours. My sexy index is fading in my old age. Being up against a California stud is a bit@#. I am doing OK. I had a strange incident this morning. Went to the john at 7am and woke up on the floor at 7:05. Don't know how I got there. Going to the doctor on Wednesday. My plan is to hit the road on Thursday on the bike. I hope all goes well at the doc's. I feel fine now but this is highly unusual. I will try to track you habits and see if we can hook up for a chat. Good to have your buddiness. It's a privilege.
    4. derstuka
      Wrestler! What is up my man? We don't see to be on the same bat channel lately Don't go trying to post up a handsome pic of yourself and steal all of the ladies from me! hahaha!

      Hope you're doing well bro! Keep the rubberside down!
    5. Strider
      yea, either way....Ive been a slacker at getting involved in a new church, but sat' good for me!

      let me know...

      also ive been trying to meet up w/ the sport bike chapter of CMA north GA. they meet 1st sat of the month. would you be down to check it out too?
    6. Joey_Dude
      Bald mountain is about a 2 hour fast 'n fun ride from my house. Let me know when you and K9 have a free saturday and we'll go. Can't go this weekend though b/c I'm going to North Carolina for a family birthday party. have a great weekend and stay out of jail!! :)
    7. Joey_Dude
      Nah didn't make bike night was tired and didn't feel like it. But I went on a ride this sunday and got up to Bald Mountain which is the highest point of georgia. Some very stunning views up there! Hey let me know when you and k9maniac are up for a ride.
    8. k9maniac
      hey wrestler, I would love to go for a ride. I have not gotten out into the mountains yet on this bike and cannot wait to hit some twisties! I work and live in midtown and could go on most weekends except for drill weekends for the guard.
    9. Joey_Dude
      The ride went pretty well. I went with a buddy of mine and we got up to the georgia mountains. There's a really wild section in the mountains that my buddy was able to keep up with another guy on a CBR1000! I'm still getting the hang of riding and I like to live so I had back up a little and ride within my limits.

      Sunday we were gonna go check out some motorcycle stores but his bike broke down. (When he turns the key to ignition the dashboard would not light up) So I ended up having to drive him home on my cage so he can get his truck/trailer to my house. As it turns out it was some cheap electrical part that got burnt up and it cost him around 5 bucks to fix.

      How's life at the church? When do you think you'll be able to go on a ride?
    10. Catholic Damage
      Catholic Damage
      southwest florida. fort myers.
    11. arnie1107
      that would be great........i have almost got the bike ready to go......have been fighting with the tank, lines and carbs cause it was parked for 2 years before i got it......but im trying hard. I would love to give a shout when its ready and if you have any suggestions for me (86 VFR 750) please know i could use all the help and feedback i can get.

      what do you ride? i hope that this one will lead me to bigger (and newer) adventures!!!

      look forward to hearing from you Wrestler.

    12. jasonsmith
      Thank you wrestler, once you go VFR it's hard to get away. :thumbsup:
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    Jun 24, 1945 (Age: 75)
    Atlanta, Ga
    Priest, Campus Minister
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    United States
    born in Washington, DC . Went to college at Catholic U., and Howard U. always searching riding buds

    snowboarding,reading, watching Lacrosse, watching collegiate wrestling, movies


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