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The Texas VFR Garage has teamed up with VFRworld to continue bringing you the best Honda VFR content on the Internet. The Texas VFR Garage has been around since 1996, in large part because of the generosity of many other VFR Owners. As a result, the Garage has more than a few Owner's reports and sites about the BEST motorcycles in the world ... VFRs. The site was temporarily down due to the time commitment necessary to keep it maintained, but has now been rehosted as part of VFRworld. Over time, we'll be merging the content of Texas VFR Garage into the main VFRworld site, providing one of the most comprehensive VFR-related sites in the world.

We'd like to acknowledge Robert Bielak for making the great banner at the top of this page. And if you didn't know, Robert is the keeper of WDGAH or We Don't Give A Hoot. If you want to meet other VFR owners, this great VFR site is certainly worth a visit. Please pull up a chair and enjoy yourself.
This special VFR900R (click to enlarge) was created for the Texas VFR Garage
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Vital Statistics

My little ole '95 VFR (RC36) received a few modifications to include SS brake & clutch lines, Ohlin fork springs, DID ERV2 racing chain, 520 sprockets, K&N air filter, custom chain guard and a D&D slip-on. She still had a snorkel, lost her air pumps and passenger footpegs, has a Zero Gravity wind screen (double bubble), barend mirror, trimmed rear fender, a 1/2 tank bra & 29K miles when she went to her new home during 2003. In the Photo Gallery these are a few pictures of my Ride and those of some friends. - Ed Liebgott
Best 1/4 Mile: 11.3 @ 119 mph Top Speed: 147 mph
Rear Wheel HP: 90-92 Torque: 53.5 ft. lbs @ 8000 rpm
Birth Place: Hamamatsu, Japan Color: Red R-158P
Fuel Mileage: Hard, 35 mpg or less or if easy, 45 to 50 mpg

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VF/VFR Technical Sites

Joe Norris put together a terrific amount of data comparing the '86 VFR, '90 VFR, '94+ VFR750F and '98+ VFR800FI. And here is a metric description of the '94+ VFR750F.
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