VFR Technical Articles, Resources & Reports

by VFR Owners


These articles and reports are on a range of subjects that in general pertain to various models of VFRs. Some of these articles were originally posted on the VFR List and placed here with the expressed permission of the authors. And some of the others were written specifically for the Texas VFR Garage. Your articles are just as welcome.

After-Market Accessories
  1. Custom Seat for a '95 VFR750F by Ed Liebgott
  2. Dynamo Humm - A Definitive VFR Resource
  3. Fuse Block & 12 Volt DC Power Socket Installation - '98+ VFR800FI by Deward R. Knapp
  4. Gen Mar Risers for a '94+ VFR by Cary Swoveland

  5. GIVI Luggage (VFR800) Installation Guidance by Mitch
  6. Helibars Installation on a '98+ VFR800FI by Dez Rae
  7. Becker 40 litre Junior Panniers Installation on a"98+ VFR800FI by Dez Rae
  8. Rear Shock Options for '94+ VFR by Christopher Bruno
  9. Scottoiler, Mirror Extensions, Drilled Ankle Guards, & more by Brian Fox
  10. Various Fibers for Riding Suits by Bill West
  11. VTR1000 Bars on My '95 VFR750F by Beck Mercado

    Exhaust Systems

  12. Aftermarket Exhaust Systems by VFR Owners
  13. Comprehensive Review - D & D Slip-on Canister by Gerry Allison
  14. Comprehensive Review - Hindle Slip-on Canister by Wilfred Lee
  15. Comprehensive Review - Laser CF High Right Slip-on by Brent Lottman
  16. Comprehensive Review - Micron CF Slip-on Canister by Bruce Wilson
  17. Rogue Exhaust Information - Best discussion of Sportbike Exhausts on the Net!

  18. Comprehensive Review - Micron High Slip-on Canister by Grigsby
  19. Comprehensive Review - Remus Slip-on Canister by Peter Hawkes
  20. Comprehensive Review - VH SS2R Slip-on Canister by Scott Turner
  21. Exhaust Sounds
  22. Repacking TBR Exhaust Canister by Henrik Morkner, Addendums by Rob McKinnon & Greg Leach

    Comprehensive Articles - Gasoline, Oil, and Oil Filters
    by Mike Guillory

  23. Gasoline Additives
  24. Gasoline Octane for your VFR
  25. How Does that Spin-Off Oil Filter Work?
  26. Motorcycle Oil - Updated June 2003
  27. Oil Filter Alternatives (Honda Motorcycles) - Updated June 2002

    Additional Motorcycle Oil Resources

  28. Is This The Right Oil For My Bike? by Jeffrey DiCarlo (Link Permission from Internet BMW Riders)
  29. Practicing Oil Analysis - Forum for those involved in lubrication and oil analysis

    Maintenance and Repair

  30. Bearing Head Conversion ('91 VFR750F) by Lowell Martin
  31. Bright Single-Sided Swing Arm by Ed Liebgott
  32. Disabled Air Pumps (VFR750F) - Guidance & Results by Bruce Wilson
  33. Disabled Air Pumps (VFR750F) - Impact by Bruce Wilson

  34. Fork Height Adjustments (VFR750F) - A Comprehensive Discussion by Bruce Wilson
  35. Headlight Modification Page - '94+ VFR750F by Bob Peloquin
  36. Home of the Honda V4 Files by Robyn Landers
  37. How to Use the Center Stand by Various Owners
  38. Installation of an Electronic Cruise Control by Dez Rae

  39. Installation of a NWS Hugger by Dez Rae
  40. Integrated Rear Brake Line in the Swingarm by Todd Glasier
  41. Jump Starting Motorcycles by Kenneth Murray
  42. Odds and Ends by Ed Liebgott
  43. Plastic Repair Guidelines by Mark Roberts & Addendum by Brian D. Jones

  44. Radiator Protection ('94+ VFR) - An Easy Modification by Ed Liebgott
  45. Re-Jetting a '94+ VFR750F by Charles Cherry
  46. Removing All Fairing Sections a '94+ VFR750F by Steve Enfield
  47. Removing the Middle Fairing Panel on a '94+ VFR750F by Various Listers
  48. Removing the Windscreen on a '94+ VFR750F by Ed Liebgott

  49. Specialized Repair and Inflation Tools by Stephen Karlan
  50. Suspension Setup Guidelines by David Allan Feller
  51. Suspension Setup & Troubleshooting Guidelines by Brad Hepler
  52. Suspension Setup '94+ VFR750F by VFR Listers

  53. Tank Edge Protection by Brandon Monnig
  54. Technical Notification - VFR750F Camshaft Noise
  55. Valve Adjustment for '94+ VFR750F by Henrik Morkner
  56. Valve Adjustment for '98+ VFR800FI by Jim Wright (with quality photos)

    Parts Moto Fiche & OEM Parts Locator

  57. MOTOfiches
  58. Bike Bandit - Factory OEM Parts & Name Brand Accessories

    Regulators and Rectifiers

  59. Basics of the VFR Electrically System, Sources of Regulator/Rectifier Problems and Recommended Solutions by Bruce Wilson
  60. Function of a Regulator/Rectifier by Dave Aley
  61. Voltage Regulators/Rectifiers by Henrik Morkner
  62. VFR750 Regulator/Rectifier Cooling by Andrew Sainsbury

    Theory, Reports and Charts

  63. Cornering Techniques on a VFR by Chris "Moose" Moore
  64. Bike Reviews - VFR750F and VFR800FI
  65. Dyno Graphs - Various Honda V4 Bikes by Brian Law
  66. Graph of Velocity vs RPM - VFR800FI by Pat H.

  67. Head Shake Theory by Joe Arcoraci
  68. History of the VFR ('90-'99) by David M. Matthew
  69. History of Honda's V-FouR VFR by Paul Peczon
  70. Jim Wright's 30,000 KM Report - '98 VFR800FI
  71. New Bike Break in Secrets by the Motoman
  72. Meaning of the Term NACA Duct by Mark Nokaoi

  73. Single-Sided Swingarm Design by Dominic Amae & Chris Toman
  74. Taper Braking by Hoddy Hodson
  75. To Snorkel or Not to Snorkel by Brian Law
  76. Tire Pressure and Hot Texas Weather by Martin Robiette
  77. What Does VFR Mean? by David M. Matthew

    Trip and Race Stories

  78. A Day Trip - Is My Number Up Yet? by Dan F. Fulmer
  79. Deal's Gap - The Dragon
  80. My 4,500 Mile VFR Road Trip by Jason M. Denham
  81. My VFR and I Went to Class At Road Altanta by Douglas Miller
  82. Quarter Mile Track Results on a VFR750F by Eric A. Heddles

  83. Race Report from Loudon July 17-18, 1999 by Kevin Glick
  84. Road Hazards and Road Safety by Daniel Schlender
  85. Trip Report to Nova Scotia by Richard Ohnstad
  86. VFR Top Speeds by James Greer

    Lighten Up Your Day

  87. Texas Weather - Hot! by Michael Thomas
  88. You May be a VFR Rider if ... by L. Wilber
  89. How I Got My VFR by Fred Ziglar
  90. How I Got My VFR by Kevin W.

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