Bike for Sale 1995 Honda VFR 750 - 39K miles - $2,500

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    Greetings All,

    I am posting my 1995 Honda VRF 750 with 39,540 miles for sale. Asking $2,500. I am located in West Palm Beach, Florida and might be able to arrange for delivery within a few hours drive for expenses. The bike is in decent overall cosmetic condition with a bad repair to the left aft fairing and some rash on the lower right main fairing (previous owner). Was in excellent mechanical condition until sometime ago, either the starter or starter relay went bad, so that will have to be diagnosed and replaced and it will be roadworthy once again (starter button just clicks - should be an easy fix). I am hoping to sell to a VFR aficionado, like myself at the time, who will appreciate the bike. Unfortunately, personal circumstance has brought me to the conclusion that the best thing to do is sell it as I have neither the time nor inclination to repair and ride it. If there is no interest in it whole, I may just part it out. Please contact me direct at 305-992-8257 after 10am to midnight. Here's some of the particulars:

    - Set of Michelin Pilot Power III with good tread
    - Original OEM seat with Corbin aftermarket including back rest
    - Delkevic single sided exhaust
    - Tool kit and owners manual included
    - I believe that it has had the recifier upgrade along with other electrical upgrades, including red strobe stop light below stock brake light, digital voltage meter (inner lower left front fairing), wiring and inline fuses to run accessories
    - Ducati style see-through clutch cover installed and OEM clutch cover and clutch basket
    - Complete set of clear turn signal and brake lenses installed, with original OEM lenses included
    - Solo cowl
    - Spares include: chain and sprocket set, etc.

    Thanks for your interest. Take care - Be safe and God Bless.

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