Bike for Sale 1998 VFR in SF CA-Sold

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    1998 VFR 800. As close to perfect as I can make it. I bought it with 25k miles from a lawyer in the Oakland hills who kept it garaged. It was fairly stock.

    Keep in mind, none of this takes in to account my labor...:

    -Staintune pipe, $800
    -Delkevic stainless headers, $400
    -Regina chain and sprockets at 27k. $182
    -Front Angel GT at 30k, $160, Rear Angel GT at 32k, $221
    -Shorai LFX Battery and VFRness at 28k, $170 for battery
    -All Balls tapered roller headset and front wheel bearings and seals at 29k $90
    -Valves checked at 32,520, all in spec. New valve cover gaskets with Hondabond, Denso Iridium plugs, K&N air filter, in-tank fuel filter with new gaskets.
    -G1 Throttle Tamer, $80
    -Dynojet Power Commander 5, $340
    -Dynotune by Factory Pro, $425
    -Rick's Stator and gasket, $156
    -Redline Synthetic oil change with OEM filter at 33k
    -Coolant flush and fresh Honda HP coolant at 38,774
    -Spiegler stainless brake line kit at 38k, $254, and 2 1/2 days of my life...
    -Galfer pads.
    -New clutch at 36k. wasn't needed, I was bored...
    -All lights except dash lights are LED; flasher unit has been replaced to make them flash properly.
    -Givi tail box and rack
    -Fender eliminator
    -Givi windscreen; more upswept than stock, makes a huge difference at speed
    -Sargent seat, $400.
    -Original exhaust system and seat.
    -Solo tail cowl
    -Rear rim has a slight ding, have a perfect replacement waiting for the next tire change. Was thinking of getting a front rim too, and powdercoating them.
    -Volt meter installed
    -RAM Mounts Quick Grip cell phone holder with wireless charging, $140
    -Haynes Manual and Honda factory manual.
    -Probably more stuff I'm forgetting...
    -Paint is still shiny, has never been down. one scrape on right side from previous owner rubbing garage pillar. touched up with color-matched paint.
    -One thing I was going to do was DMr suspension, but it rides fine, now you can have it tuned for your weight, instead of my 245lb lardass...

    Entertaining commentary of some of the work I've done can be found at IG: miskatonic_u_glee_club

    The combination of Throttle Tamer, exhaust, PCV, and Dynotune make this fuel and pull like a dream.

    Asking $4100
    IMG_20210530_132905.jpg IMG_20210530_173333.jpg IMG_20210530_173344.jpg IMG_20210530_173351.jpg IMG_20210530_173401.jpg IMG_20210530_173418.jpg IMG_20210530_173448.jpg IMG_20210530_173502.jpg
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