Accessories for Sale 5th Gen Oem Seat and exhaust, nearly perfect

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    Replaced my seat with the Sargent long ago, and my OEM pipe with the fabulous unobtanium staintune system.
    After moving several times, lugging the boxes with the original parts in and out of attic storage, I realized they will never go back on my bike and they need to go to a new home.
    IMG_5381.JPG IMG_5385.JPG IMG_5383.JPG IMG_5380.JPG

    Seat is almost perfect, there is one tiny pinhole that is the only blemish. You can barely see it. This seat is actually more comfortable than the sargent for my butt shape but vanity will never let me take off the Sargent with that sexy red piping.
    $100, face to face preferred but I will ship if I have to.

    IMG_5371.jpg IMG_5373.jpg IMG_5375.JPG IMG_5376.JPG IMG_5377.JPG IMG_5378.JPG
    Exhaust pipe is really nice as well, no road rash and no cracking around the mount. Took off, sprayed with WD-40 and put in a box years ago. Its a very good looking pipe. $150, same deal with shipping.

    I am located in Pembroke, KY. Close to Hopkinsville, Ft Campbell. I am willing to drive to meet at a distance within reason.

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