98 Vfr - Intermittent Fuel Injection when cold starting bike

Discussion in 'Mechanics Garage' started by duder, Mar 7, 2010.

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    Bike has been in storage the last three months during the winter. Temps during the winter get down to 0 or below and the bike is not kept in a heated garage. 1998 vfr, 21K miles

    I've noticed that when it's fairly cold outside (between 20-40ish degrees), I've noticed that the fuel injectors do not necessarily like to kick on the first time I flip the key on.

    key turned to on position, engine switch on, choke lever set to cold start position.

    the bike's electronics start up, but the fuel injectors do not always kick in. i'll have to flip the bike ignition on & off for several minutes before I finally hear the fuel injectors kick in. Then the bike starts up easy. I've noticed that putting the bike on the center stand then putting it down will often help kick the fuel injectors on when trying to cold start.

    This problem only happens when the bike has sat for at least several days and the outside temp is below 40. After the bike is heated up, there is no issue with the fuel injectors kicking in when turning the ignition to on.

    Is this some sort of known quirk with my VFR (honda's hate cold!) or is it potentially a more serious issue?


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