A VFR Christmas Wish for all to read

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    A VFR Christmas

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all though VFR land,
    Not a wheel was turning, not even by hand.
    With the bikes in the garage, all covered and snug.
    I reach for the bike tarp, and give it a tug.

    The kids look up at my face, a slight tear in my eye
    The snow it hath fallen and winter is now here.
    They say, “Its OK daddy, we understand why.”
    “Spring will appear soon enough, Please have no fear”

    The kids give me a hug and they turn out the light.
    Darkness fills the void as I close the garage door.
    The bikes sit in the dark, all tucked in for the night,
    I think to the spring, for riding shall be in store.

    We all head up the stairs and stand by the tree,
    The Christmas lights are bright, and the snow starts to fall.
    Our thoughts turn to visions of what soon we shall see
    For soon Santa is coming, bringing presents for all.

    The kids wish to know with all of their heart,
    “How does Santa do it, and all in one night?”
    “From the North Pole,” I say, is where he will start,
    “With Rudolph in the lead, his sleigh will take flight.”

    “But all ‘round the world in only one night?”, my son, he does say
    “Though reindeer can fly and all know the route,”
    “With all of those presents, and a big heavy sleigh
    “BOY, OH BOY, those reindeer must scoot.”

    “The world is so large and with such little time,”
    Says my daughter, tentative fear in her eyes.
    How will he make it with all those hills he must climb.
    “Not to worry,” I say, “Santa’s sleigh really flies”

    With visions of the presents dancing through their heads,
    One more sleep to go, and soon Christmas will be here.
    With a happy story of Santa the kids crawl into their beds,
    Soon Santa will have come, bringing joy and new cheer.

    My wife and I snuggle down, all warm in our bed,
    Christmas soon will be here, the house full of joy.
    For coming with Santa upon his fast moving sled,
    Are presents for each girl, and for each boy.

    With visions of all the new toys they can keep
    And all of the gifts we have been trying to hide,
    We all close our eyes and settle off to sleep,
    Soon morning will come and our eyes will grow wide.

    Suddenly, out in the yard there arose such a roar
    I roll out of bed and nearly fall to the floor.
    A wonderful melody with a deep, basey thrum
    Without even thinking I’m beginning to hum.
    This intoxicating sound, it is close and it’s near,
    The sound of revving engines I believe I can hear.

    It sounds like a
    bike, but this can not be,
    There’s three feet of snow out there and it’s hard.
    I throw open the curtain, half expecting to see
    Someone’s car stuck in the snow in our yard.

    I gaze in amazement for what should I see
    Sitting there in my yard and tied ahead of a sleigh,
    Are some shiny red bikes, and I giggle with glee.
    Such an entertaining gag, I believe I should say.

    In the blink of an eye, a man in a suit doth appear
    He hops ‘board the sleigh and clicks his team into gear.
    Santa and his sleigh, both seem to be near
    But pulling the sleigh can not be reindeer.

    When through the glass I can't believe what I hear,
    The strange noise that awoke me again strikes my ear.
    With a blip of the throttle the engines start to roar,
    And the basey loud rumble begins to vibrate the floor.

    A loud voice booms out, in the dark of the night
    Santa calls to his team and I just try to listen
    On Dasher and Dancer, On Prancer and Vixen,
    On Comet and Cupid, On Donner and Blitzen.

    With Rudolph out front and his lights shining bright,
    Santa’s sleigh lifts from the ground and begins to take flight.
    An amazing site to see, so close and so near,
    Now I’ve seen everything, and I feel I should cheer.

    From out in the yard, again I hear Santa’s voice
    "The world is so vast t
    hat I gave them a choice.
    Though reindeer are fast, they might tire I fear,
    Thought I’d give them a rest and let the bikes pull this year.”

    As he roared o’er the roof, behind his new team,
    What a fabulous choice, they did glisten and gleam.
    I wished him good luck and good speed on his flight.
    As Santa vanished from view, and I heard him click up a gear,
    How else could Santa fly ‘round the world in one night
    Unless he was pulled by a team of
    Very Fast Reindeer

    As I gaze to the sky, a very faint voice do I hear,
    wishing all in the world,

    Have A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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    O.C Suck
    Great one zoooom zoooo.
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    Shit...brought a tear to my eye..thanks man...Merry Merry

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