Cam chain tensiones installed, bike is its fixed!

Discussion in '6th Generation 2002-2013' started by Microwavable, Jan 18, 2020.

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    I posted a while ago that when we were getting the 02 VFR800 ready for summer riding we had a front cam chain tensioner failed. I bought 2 (196 NZD each) included gaskets and grenade pin,just to do them as the bike has 104,000 k's on it. It was never done before on the bike as far as we can tell.

    We made a little tool to lock the old ones and test them.

    One thing that we did notice with others who had tried to install these was that they were not winding them in and installing them. Make sure you wind them all the way in and then insert them, then pull the pin after you torque them.

    The install was pretty straight forward, no need to remove throttle bodies, just the tank, it is easier if you remove the intake and air filter.

    Started right up after she was done, I am babbling in the video as I was nervous, sorry.

    Any questions ask.

    PS we have seen several references to torque settings on the 2 bolts holding them in. 12FP seems perfect.


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