Coolant Replacement

Discussion in '7th Generation 2010-Present' started by mcenthusiast, Dec 25, 2020.

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    Has anyone with a VFR1200 replaced their coolant? To those who have, were you able to add the amount of coolant indicated as system capacity in the service manual? I just completed replacing my coolant for the fourth time. Each time I replace the coolant, I can only add 3 qts of new coolant to the radiator/engine. The service manual indicates a capacity of 3.8 qts in the radiator/engine. The capacity of the reserve tank is an additional 0.4 qt. If I can add only 3 qts (rather than 3.8 qt capacity), this suggests the cooling system is retaining 21% of the distilled water used to rinse the system (3.0/3.8 = 79%). After draining the old coolant and flushing the system with a solution of 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% distilled water, I rinse several times with distilled water. If the cooling system is retaining distilled water, it is further diluting the pre-mixed Honda coolant. I do everything possible to drain the system as completely as possible. Have any of you had this same issue of not being able to add coolant equal to the capacity of the system? Please share your results.

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