Ephrata PA and New Freedom PA/ 2 VFR's and 1 Bicycle

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    This is a pretty sweet sighting. 6ish hours apart and 60 miles apart and from a 20 mile long gravel trail.

    This morning, I fired up the 78 CB750, got Kim out of bed and went down to Ephrata PA which is the next town over. The event we are gong to is "First Sunday" or "Breakfast Run" or whatever you wish to call it. A very good turnout but with this weather, it wasn't a surprise.

    I had to park my CB in the "overflow" area otherwise known as left field to the locals. While walking up to the main area, I noticed two VFR's. Both were 6th gens, one was RWB with a corbin (i think) seat and the other was red with black accents and a sargent seat. Noticed both had aftermarket pipes. This is important for later in the day. Kim and I moved on and did a few laps, drooled over a turbocharged CB750 next to a Kawi H2 and then left.

    Kim had to work so I began preparing for the 2nd adventure of the day. A bike (bicycle) ride on the York Heritage Rail Trail down to the PA/MD boarder and back. From my little town of Akron PA, it takes 45 minutes to get to the trail head I prefer. From there it is roughly 20 miles down to New Freedom PA which is where I was turning around today. While riding down I am seldomly along this beautiful road I have never driven on. I think it was route 616 but not certain as I remember a few different signs through the woods from the trail. I get to New Freedom and take a break. Notice some motorcycles passing through and a few parked here and there in town. After a few minutes of snapping pictures and just cruising around, I then decide to head back.

    As I head out of New Freedom, I come to one of many road crossings. This is a rare sight to see other vehicles as most of the trail is in the woods. I see a few motorcycles off in the distance and with a nice gap in time, I go through the crossing. The motorcycles are getting closer so I naturally have to take a second look. What do you know it's a VFR! Nice! I then take another look and realize it is a RWB 6th gen. Guess what was right behind it? Of course it was the red with black accents VFR that was parked right beside the RWB back in Ephrata probably 6 hours earlier.

    This was on 851 just north of New Freedom right by Railroad park before entering New Freedom.

    Now to the aftermarket pipes. This was another confirmation that the two VFR's I saw in Ephrata were the same I saw north of New Freedom as I heard that beaufiful V4 note. Considering that you cannot see any public road on most of this trail the odds of this happening are slim at best.

    So do we have any members here to place on the bikes I saw today?

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