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    Help with Eu tour

    Hi guys
    I've been thinking about going on a bike trip into Eu from the south uk via Dover calie
    But not decided wher in eu to go I've done Normandy and belgem. I am looking to go this summer for a week and to camp my budget is around £700 £800.
    Can any one Surgest any where to go???
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    £100/day should be enough for food/fuel/camping. However distances in mainland Europe can be very deceptive and time and weather conditions (too hot or too wet) will often limit how far you will want to cover. Changing campsites every day can be a time consuming chore, so you may prefer to base yourself for several days at a campsite in an area you want to explore without having to drag all your camping gear with you.

    To stay alert, plan on covering no more that 300 miles a day on major motorway routes and 200 or less on lesser roads or when out touring an area. Many biking trips involve a fairly boring blast along the motorways from Calais at the start and end of the trip to cover the miles, simply pulling off the motorway to look for a campsite by 4pm each day or when you have had enough.

    Whilst it's tempting to follow a pre-planned agenda, with prebooked campsites etc, you may find the weather or a mechanical problem can throw fixed plans into dis-array. Remember you are on holiday - so apart from ferry times why be slave to a route-plan? If you disembark in Calais and the forecast is for a week of heavy rain in Northern Europe then take the hint and head south, even if it wasn't what you originally planned. Sometimes not knowing where you are going to stay is part of the fun. You will rarely encounter problems finding a campsite for a bike and a tent wherever you head.

    If you learn a few basic phrases - most locals will be happy to give directions. Alternately if you have a laptop or smart phone just search for "Camping Municipal" in the area. You will find free Wifi in many service stations and every McDonalds in Europe. If you get really stuck there are loads of budget hotels like Formule1 or Etap or once it gets dark you can usually pitch an overnight tent at a motorway picnic/rest stop (these appear on most major motorways alternately with proper filling stations). Whilst camping is not officially allowed at picnic rest stops, the Gendarmes prefer you to sleep rather than carry on and crash, but they will expect you to pack up and move on once it gets light.

    Within easy reach of Calais you will find loads of biking friendly routes around Bouillion and the Vianden valley and the national forest park between Germany and Luxembourg. Further into France the Auvergne and the Tarn Valley Gorge with the majestic Millau Viaduct are major biking destinations as are the Alps and the Riviera. This ride report" may give you a few ideas, and if you end up near Lake Geneva send me a Message and I will be happy to show you some of the twisties around here.

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