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    Hey guys,
    new guy in town, just got my second 86 VFR 750 this summer and I can't seem to find an aftermarket 4into1 exhaust for my veefer. Hindle, yoshimura, and sudco stopped making them. All thats out there are slip ons.. So I need some suggestions on how I can improve my search for the elusive exhaust. cheers
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    Well, seems like you've found out the truth. No-one out there making exhausts for the VFR.

    At least not anyone nearby. Laser-Jama makes a pipe for your bike. They are based in the Netherlands, IIRC.

    Main page:

    '86 exhaust page:

    Speigler USA is listed as being the distributor. Give them a call. Likely they'll have to special order it.

    The mufflers are available in Inox (stainless steel), Inox with black coating (probably powdercoated stainless I think) and finally, in Carbon Fibre.
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    thanks Rob,
    guess i'm just in one big denial! oh well, I was hoping I wouldn't have to go overseas (it'll probably get too expensive). found another place in england (Motad exhaust) and I'm also looking in japan. another option I guess will be to find a used one. thanks for your reply!
    I will check it out!

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