Givi Key Codes (Magic Decoder Ring + Quiz)

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    Howdy y'all,

    i know not many vfrs have Givi luggage, but i've got some on one of my bikes so i'll post this here just in case.

    Have you ever wondered what that 3-digit number is on your Givi luggage key that seems to be totally useless since you can't order replacement keys by the number, nor does anyone know how to cut keys from that number? This thread is intended to decode that secret number such that you will be able to get a replacement key cut by any locksmith.

    Here is a picture of a Givi luggage key showing the tumbler spacing along the horizontal axis and the cut depths in the vertical. These are 5-tumbler cylinders that use 3 different cut levels, so there is only 3x3x3x3x3 = 243 combinations. i'm trying to fill out the cut code table so that if will be possible to cut replacement keys from the 3-digit number found on the face of the lock (and on the key too, but if you've lost it....).

    The tumblers are numbered 1-5 going from the stop to the tip. The cut depth can be measured using a pair of calipers if you want to get the exact dimensionals. Measure from the flat part of the side groove to the bottom of the cut where the tumbler sits. The deepest cut is a "1" (green line) and no cut is a "3" (black line).

    Green line = "1" 0.5 mm caliper reading
    Blue = "2" 1.3 mm
    Black = "3" 2.2 mm

    The cylinders are easy to remove once the luggage is opened and the tumblers are easy to swap around also if you want to re-key. i'll post more on this elsewhere if anyone is interested in the details.

    For now if you are a Givi owner and want to help: please post here in this thread or send me a picture of your key with the 3-digit key number. i will decode the cut pattern for you and add it to the cut code table, which i will add to this post. If you are clever or good with calipers you can probably decode your own key using the information here and in the picture, and post your key number and cut code.

    Pop Quiz: This is key # 031, what is the cut code? Free blank key to the 4th caller who gets it right...


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