Great link for anyone planning a ride in Wisconsin

Discussion in 'USA - North' started by tbones86, May 10, 2007.

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    Here is a link a came across that lists some of WI's best motorcycle roads. As stated in past posts most of these roads are in the southwest part of the state near & along the Mississippi River. I've ridden some of these & they are very entertaining, not Tale of the Dragon but a thrill ride none the less. So if you are in the state or planning a ride to or through the state check some of these routes out.:cool:

    A lot of these areas are rural & lightly patrolled, but I don't wanna hear any bitch'in if you get a ticket. Because they are out there, county boys are generally easier to get along with than the state boys. The State girls, forget it your gonna get a ticket(one if your lucky) don't waste your breath just take it like a man, this is experience speaking. Ride safe, ride smart & have fun!!!!!

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